Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday 

Retro red Christmas stockings, my dad's, my sister's and mine. That's a Santa puppet hand sewn by my mother!

Do you have your first Christmas stocking?  Do you collect Christmas stockings?Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

"Let's do lunch?"

Let’s do  lunch?

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

In the second photo, I was taking a pic of my frozen yogurt at a shop in nearby Princeton, N.J. it was starting to melt, he he, and then I noticed in my photo  the modern style  chair. Reminds me a little of a Parcheesi game piece.

We love to walk along Nassau Street and browse the shops, visit the Princeton Art museum  on campus and the best part,  stop for a snack!!!! Sometimes, it is the Bent Spoon on Palmer Square or that, Cow ice cream place , both a short walk from  each other.


Please join me in sharing your photos and images with the color red, a little red or a lot of red, It is all up to you!

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Got something RED that you’ve photographed? Join us on RUBY TUESDAY

Comments are WELCOMED.  Tell me what you think.!! Do you have your first Christmas stocking?  Do you collect Christmas stockings?

Ruby Tuesday

Hello everyone. Please join me and share your photos with a little red or a lot on the web site.

During this past Thanksgiving weekend we took a day trip to Bethlehem Pennsylvania to see their “Chriskindlmart”. The weather was mild for this time of year, perfect for walking around on a November day.

Since we have been to Bethlehem many times in the summer for their Muzic Fest which is exceptionally presented all through the town, we wanted to experience Bethlehem at Christmastime.    We were not disappointed.

The town is beautifully decorated.   Upon entering the town,  from  the “Welcome to Bethlehem” sign,  the streetlights are real x-mas evergreens in the shape of a little tree and in the evening they twinkle with Christmas lights.

Bethlehem had it’s first roots as a mission community by the Moravians on Christmas Eve 1741, the beautiful ” Moravian star” is prevalent in the decorations throughout the town.

Christmas tree with Moravian star

Have you worn a tree on your head?

"Red and Green" lights illuminate the Steel Stacks of Bethlehem

Ruby Tuesday


Swiss United Church of Christ in New Glarus, Wisconsin

This Swiss church is situated on a hill.  I was impressed with the  architecture and the two steeples.  There is a statue of memorial to the First Settlers, with many of their names inscribed in a brick walkway.

Since it was  weekday, we did not get to see the  inside  of the church.  But as the sunset was  fast approaching , we captured this photo.

Glaurner Stube, fine dining and spirits in New Glarus, WI

I like the red brick of this imposing building,  prettily painted Swiss scenes on the outside of the building, and the quaint  hanging sign.  What is  memorable, if you look closeup, is the name of the founder of the building and the year.  This is a piece of history.   I enjoy finding buildings like these.

built 1901, Saloman Stuessy

Reflection! What do you see?


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Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is a meme for all photos of red in color. With the aftermath of H’cane Irene, I’m happily sitting her in Panera bread for the free internet connection and electricity. This week, I’m living like a farm girl or of the 19th century; that is up at dawn with the sunlight, do my chores as the light shines in the window,and candles or a flashlight at night.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air at Somerville's Main Street car show

If what you’re craving is some nostalgia,  you can look for  your favorite 1950″s  antique car while strolling along Main street in Somerville on a summer night  and catching a concert on the lawn in front of the Courthouse building.

 Stained Glass on the top of the former RCA Victor headquarters, the “Nipper Building” ( #17).

The above R.C.A. image is a blast from yesteryear. Businesses have changed with the influx of foreign-made products, but I’m glad that the building was saved.   The architecture is all brick,and on closer inspection of the image of the “Nipper”, the Fox Terrier turning his ear to the Victrola, it is   is made of  Stained Glass.

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone.

Ruby Tuesday

Good Morning, Join me and share your photo with a little red color or a lot of red and link up with Ruby Tuesday.

Sitting room in the Todd Lincoln house in Vermont

Ruby Tuesday

* Chinatown, Philadelphia on Cherry Street with a red car!

Last Sunday while on our way to the Convention Center, I was happily and with a keen eye for color themes for Ruby Tuesday  snapping photographic  images.

This photo really captured my eye.   A traffic jam gave me the opportunity to take my time with several photos of this block of restaurants.   Lucky me.   How many red items do you see?

I’ll tell you.

The photo  is at the intersection of Cherry street with a red news-stand box, a ruby car, and the gorgous red building.

Shanghai Bazaar, who loves to shop and browse?

We were on our way to the Philadelphia International Flower show, but one day, we’ll park close to this Chinatown area and browse these shops and restaurants.    On another post, I’ll display some of the floral contest images and indoor garden/patio artistry.

Sorry, that I’m a day late, as I was feeling under the weather yesterday.

Thanks for visiting  and especially to Ruby Tuesday participants from around the world.  I’d love to hear from you and I’ll visit your photos as well.

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Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

There’s  a restaurant that we dine at on occasion, it’s the perfect little spot to show off some red and a heart shape design that I admire every time we visit.  I just love the intricate black metal designs  of the window and beyond is the brick  wall in the cocktail lounge.

Hearts , a fitting Ruby Tuesday image!










Sunday morning break fast of  Strawberry pancakes, fresh strawberries and bananas and strawberry tea is fitting for Ruby Tuesday.


Strawberry pancakes on a red polka -dot plate

Ruby Tuesday

Red light! Let's stop and watch the train pass, an everyday life's moment.t

Ruby Tuesday

Antique red mill along the frozen Delaware-Raritan river










Today is 1-11-11,    what fun in writing this date all day at work!


Happy Ruby Tuesday, share your photos of red on

what fun in writing this date all day at work!

Ruby Tuesday

This year's theme is "Trained to Perform" for Fancy Brigade Team- Golden Crown

Display your photos with red color for the  the photo meme called  Ruby Tuesday, hosted by

The  city of Philadelphia is has a huge celebration put on by the Mummer’s each year on New Year’s day.   The above photo was taken at the Philadelphia Convention center where  ten clubs that belong to the Fancy Brigade division perform.  Every year, the clubs select a new theme and over the months they meet to build new advanced props on wheels and practice  their routines.

This show is all about costumes in bright colors, sequins, feathers,  and  dance routines  performed to music called the Mummer’s Strut.  It is quite entertaining and lively.

In the above  photo is the Golden Crown club performing with a circus theme called ” Trained To Perform”.  This circus features only the animals.  The Big Cats, Monkeys, Elephant, Horses, zebras, and Bears are all the Mummers in costume.  The Ring Master is the King of the Jungle- a Lion, performed by the Captain of the Golden Crown club.

Next time for Ruby Tuesday, I will post another club’s photos that have a red theme, and for Blue Monday, the blue colored characters.

SHiny red and gold balls decorate the trees along the avenue in Phillly

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