Christmas Tea at Mr. Toasts

Today, I was lucky to have the day off to catch a flight on the Concord to Aspen. The horse and carriage ride was a last minute idea.
Oh the temperature is a few degrees colder than back at home.
What a great place for a tea party!
I’ll take a seat by the cozy fireplace, ready to sip some tea and please pass me some of Christine’s delicious tea sandwiches.
There’s Maggie, she has a darling pooch with her.
Oh, Just can’t wait to get a peak of Betsy’s gift baskets (Of my five guys blog).

This is such a wonderful idea for a tea party. Thanks Mr. Toast for thinking of it and spreading the word.

Carriage ride , anyone?

Hildene Dining Room

Plate of cookies at a holiday party.

Would you like some cookies with your tea!


The table is set, the guests will arrive shortly!

Today, Mr. Toast is hosting a virtual Christmas tea in Aspen, Colorado. Come join in the fun.

Tuesday, First of December

4:00 – 7:00 pm (MST)

* * * * *
Location: Aspen, CO

Pre-Tea Guest Arrival: 3:00 pm onwards
Post Tea Reception: 7:00 pm onwards

Close: ~ 10:00 pm
Formal Attire
* * * * *

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