NASA Space Shuttle Challenger,where were you in 1986

January 28, 2009
Where were you on this day in 1986?
On this day, in 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated shortly after lift-off in 73 seconds. I remember it clearly.
Where were you on that day?
I was a fairly new graduate Registered Nurse. Working the day shift. It was the lunch hour for the patients and my team was making the rounds after the lunch trays had been brought to each of the patients rooms and checking that each of the patients were comfortable to reach their meal.
It was while we were in the back section of the hallway of SE 4 that a lady who had had her surgery was watching the Shuttle lift-off from her room’s t.v.
Another nurse and I paused and stood in the entrance to her room to watch the television along with her.
I remember her saying something just happened, an exploison. They replayed the scene.
We were amazed , I moved closer to the t.v. to get a better view of the spot in the sky where it looked like a cloud of smoke. We just couldn’t believe it. What had happened?, we asked ourselves over and over again.
In those times, the Medical- Surical floors kept the patients that had Gall Bladder and hernia surgeries for three or four days each receiving pain medications dispensed per Dr.s orders, and monitoring of the Jackson-Pratt drains.
Another remembrance:
My husband was working at Bell Labs, in between college
and was shopping in K-Mart in West Long Branch; it was announced on the piped-in radio. Saw it on T.V. at work in Bell Lab in the cafeteria and then later at home. I did not meet my husband until more than ten years later, so I asked his recollection of the event this morning while I was writing this. He was ready to leave for work.