Jiffy French Dressing for Salad and two lunch salads, October 4, 2013

Life is Beautiful  is the title that I choose for my blog  when I started it.

Lately , I put other family members first and have less time for myself, my husband  and my house working a full -time job.  It has caused me to delay my own check-ups, the first being my dental cleaning, was due in December.   Each month, I knew this, yet I had to bring mom for many follow -up visits both in January and February for the dentist.   until now, I spend every week house sitting ,and  working alongside the  ” Visiting Angel” coming to mom’s house; and during the months of July and August, taking my sister three times a week for Physical Therapy, left no chance to take them to the beach even for one day.  Also, getting their porch fixed and selecting and ordering porch railings  a priority.( expect a phone call any day this week that ready for installation.  As long as it comes before the weather turns colder.

After I received a follow-up phone call,In August from my dental receptionist,  , asking  where are you? I said , “taking care of my mothers house, I don’t have time for my appointments” . I now in the process of getting a crown on a molar tooth For a cavity.  This will cost big bucks.

At home,  we prepare foods that  are good for a couple of days in a stew pot, like lentils , with carrots, sweet potato  in a tomato based broth, but I post a lunch salad recipe this morning.

Jiffy French Dressing  ( not associated with the store box mixes)

Blend well:

1 Tbsp sugar or Sugar substitute,

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp dry mustard

1 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

Put into a 1 – pint Screw-top jar.  Add

1 cup salad oil ( canola oil , lower in cholesterol I buy what is on sale. )

1/4 cup vinegar or lemon juice

Cover jar tightly and shake vigorously to blend.   store in  the refrigerator.  Shake well before using.

Makes : 1 1/ 4 cup French dressing


Salad for one person

Ring- Around salad

For each salad, place on a salad plate, 1 lettuce  leaf , washed.

In center of lettuce, place 1 slice pineapple , well -drained,

Around the slice of pineapple, arrange

6 orange sections

Place in center of pineapple, one apricot half , cut side up.

Fill apricot with 1 tsp jiffy French dressing

6 raisins.

Makes 1 salad

Peach and Cottage cheese salad

For each salad, place one crisp lettuce leaf on salad plate,  and top with 2 peach halves ,

Place the peach halves close together, rounded sides down . Then arrange from the center of one peach half to the center of the other

1large green pepper ring .

Inside green pepper ring, place 1/4 cup cottage cheese and shape into a mound .  Circle cheese mound with 2 or 3 rings of green pepper.

The design is of a cowboy. The peach halves are the rim of cowboy hat, the cheese forms the crown, and pepper rings are bands around the sombrero.  If desired, drizzle over the top of the ” hat crown,  Jiffy French dressing.

When it’s time for lunch, Choose  a pretty plate from your cabinet, it does not have to  match. I have a set of 4 clear glass salad plates and a few brightly colored plates that  I purchased at Home Goods/ or Marshall’s. 

I have a favorite plate that has the colors pink and green and beige, pink flowers from a well-known pattern, I purchase dishes in sets of Two.

My “One Word” for 2013

Happy New Year 2013.


I very much like the idea of choosing a word for each new year and focusing on it. I’m thinking Nourish needs to be my word as well.

Looking back on the past year of 2012, I have been taking care of two Households TWO, my mother’s and mine. The sad fact is that I have no other family, Period to help me in this.   One person cannot do this ALONE!!!

” Put yourself in the other person ‘s shoes” 

I am heading towards ” Burn-Out” and beginning to loose my patience with them.  God knows I have used every ounce of patience all the year 0f 2012, and have given of myself .   When my father died, a little over 10 years ago, there were offers of consolence, that ” I’ll take her  to the movies”, I’ll come visit”, mom never expected it nor did she see any of these things take place!!!

Mom shouldered the responsibility of that house by herself for over 10 years and she did it with vigor until she just could not do it any  longer.  She says , “ I have  no worries”, just dance!!!


Ways to Nourish:

1.  Exercise for my body.  As in taking the time or better yet finding the time to exercise  moving forward in the year 2013!!

There’s been many a day, on my day off, that I wished I could just sit still and watch a movie at home for a Day off!!! let alone find time to exercise.

After the laundry gets done, the kitchen tidied, the recycled  papers, and plastic taken care of, the bills read and paid , the phone calls made to mom’s house. ( She’s taking the bus for Shopping tomorrow, please keep her on the list!- must call a day ahead.  Getting phone calls from Lisa, that mom confuses what she wants as far a being picked-up.  Me getting ready for work on a Monday and at the same time, I have to call both mom and the transportation number to re-verify everything.  I want mom to still try to keep her mind useful by asking her to make these phone calls herself, but I have to immediately follow-up. )

There’s a couple of Exercise DVD’s and even on the cable T.V. , there are Exercise programs  to use on ” On Demand Cable which change monthly.

2. My Spirit: 

Find ways to pray, and make a plan to spend 10 minutes a day reading from a Spiritual book or two.

3. My Appearance:

Taking the time for a haircut has to be a priority for myself in the year 2013!! Until December, my last haircut was during my vacation in September. Granted, the hairdresser, cut my hair super short in the back for my “bob” hairstyle, was the only forgiving aspect of letting it go so long.

3.   My Body, My Health 

For many years, I have been a firm believer in eating Healthy.

My Physical Exam and Blood work showed excellent results especially with Cholesterol.  I was so surprised and Happy in July that I was going to get a picture frame and hang up the results!!!

The unfortunate thing is that, In October ’12 , I got a renewed Prescription for another Mammogram in order to see if I need a Breast Biopsy, and I have not had the time to even get the Mammo done all year!!! because of always driving to mom’s and sis and doing things for them.  I also need a Thyroid scan or X-ray  to Follow-up on the Nodule that was found a few years ago ( 2006). Time flies.

In regards to” Healthy eating” , I love my greens, and cooking  my beans and legumes. Quinoa and Lentils are my favorite foods to cook, with Lentils prepared as a soup.

This morning, I opened, my book called ” Super Healing Foods”, and the earmarked page fell to  the section on ” Pears”.

Pick a pear, protect your heart and arteries.  Pears supply potassium and are Cholesterol lowering.

Pears offer more water-soluble fiber than apples!

“Pears eaten with Vitamin  C increase your intake of Iron.”

Working a full -time job , it was a very difficult year, and once October and Hurricane Sandy came along with the extreme Power Outage problems, my boss at my job sat me down and told me that I needed to do something more about the situation and put into action some Help, involves hiring private Medical assistants, and finding a reliable cleaning service and the hard part is convincing mom to allow people in her house.

Alas there has been some telephone tag going on in setting up a plan to meet this person, she’s not available when I’m at mom’s house and vice versa. With the hectic way of the Holidays,  I got the feeling that she preferred to start after the Holidays.

This means, Another full week goes by for the First week in January where I’m still in the same boat!!!

On my day off, midweek, I have to bring down for an appointment, Sis’s Blood Pressure Medicine is about to run out and there are no refills, plus other medical issues need to be addressed that have been on the back burner, since Mom has had numerous visits to the dentist after her December Oral Surgery!!

The need for Groceries gets pushed to my day off as well,  because  Senior Shopping was canceled for two weeks in a row because of the Holiday falling on a Tuesday.

I also need cleaning help!!! I gently asked mom about this in the summer, Mom’s reply, no, your sister and I will do it.”  Eureka, I found a super-duper model of a Vacuum cleaner at JC Penny store in the spring and neither one know how to turn the thing on; mom uses it as a place to hang her sweaters!!! and then reverts to old times and used a broom and dustpan to sweep the rug of excess hair!!! And she’s satisfied with that! The vacuum has super suction abilities and you’re all done in a matter of minutes if she’s only turn the thing on!!!

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