Christmas Revisited:

Retro red Christmas stockings, my dad’s, my sister’s and mine. That’s a Santa puppet hand sewn by my mother!

This year, the living room at my mom’s house is barren of Christmas decorations. ūüė¶

On a positive note, Today, I brought over to the Sacred Heart cemetary a Grave Blanket of evergreens and a Bid red festive Bow , for my father’s grave. There was still fall leaves in among the Vinca vines that are still alive from earlier in the year.

The American flag is missing from my Father’s War Marker. ¬†I noted that other graves including my Grandfather’s ( for Uncle Ronnie had American flag at my grandparents grave marker. ¬†My grandfather did not fight in any war, said my mother today!

She doesn’t have any family to help her except me.

I finally got my Christmas tree decorateddyesterday.

This is a glimpse of what is still downstairs in the basement.

Do you have your first Christmas stocking?  Do you collect Christmas stockings?Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

Christmas Eve

My husband and I went to Christmas Eve Mass last evening.   During the priest’s Homily, I jotted down some of his words.
The priest began speaking about Joseph and compared him to our lives.
‚ÄúWe have our expectations, but life does not cooperate.‚ÄĚ ” Perhaps we had a vision for Christmas, but it‚Äôs not turning out how we planned. Think of Joseph! He responded with Compassion toward Mary; Through the angel, he listened and trusted in God. When we have problems, whether work, school, or elsewhere, we trust in God. Use this as an example, put trust in God, for our lives. In tonight‚ÄĚs Gospel story, we heard of the Salvation history. God works through history; God is woven into the fabric of our lives.
This Evening, A New Day has dawned! A New Day Dawns for us when we recognize it. Tonight, We celebrate that ‚ÄúGod has loved Us‚ÄĚ through Creation. He taught us ‚ÄúHow to Love each other and Love God among all things. Tonight marks the Anniversary, We are to realize, he is always with us , Everyday, not just this day, and everyday.

At Augustine of Canterbury church, 010309

St. Augustine of Canterbury church's alter during the Christmas season.

Christ's image is painted on the ceiling at the front of the church.

The Angel!


St. Augustine church- the beautiful view from the back of the church , the entrance.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday 

Retro red Christmas stockings, my dad's, my sister's and mine. That's a Santa puppet hand sewn by my mother!

Do you have your first Christmas stocking?  Do you collect Christmas stockings?Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

"Let's do lunch?"

Let’s do ¬†lunch?

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

In the second photo, I was taking a pic of my frozen yogurt at a shop in nearby Princeton, N.J. it was starting to melt, he he, and then I noticed in my photo  the modern style  chair. Reminds me a little of a Parcheesi game piece.

We love to walk along Nassau Street and browse the shops, visit the Princeton Art museum  on campus and the best part,  stop for a snack!!!! Sometimes, it is the Bent Spoon on Palmer Square or that, Cow ice cream place , both a short walk from  each other.


Please join me in sharing your photos and images with the color red, a little red or a lot of red, It is all up to you!

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Comments are WELCOMED.  Tell me what you think.!! Do you have your first Christmas stocking?  Do you collect Christmas stockings?

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday #163

This week, I’ll continue showing photographs of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.¬†

At the towns ‘ ¬†Christkindlmart, there was an outdoor display on Ice Carving. ¬†We had a chance to watch the man carving with electric tools and a hand chisel.

“Ice Carving” in progress!

Oh, look , “it’s a Ice Christmas Tree complete with star!

A captive audience , the ice is melting as it’s carved.

“Chair, Anyone!!!”

Do you want your picture taken in the thrown? Ohh , that’s a cold seat!!! I saw a piece of cardboard to sit on, though.

Ice Carving in progress

Simply, an Ice angel!

Here’s Snoopy!

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Blizzard 2010, Welcome snow!

Snow- a view from the door, it's 24 degrees F and Blizzard conditions.

Winter is finally upon us.  This year,we have a snowstorm with Blizzard warnings beginning on the day after Christmas.

We went out to church for the 10:30 am mass, and came outside to see the start of small snow flurries.    I asked , perhaps we can do  a little shopping for after Christmas sales, before lunch.

The snow is piling onto everything! See the snow in the light of the lamp!

We returned home by 1:00 p.m.  Lunch was delicious, Lasagna andbroccoli and honey glazed carrots, with iced green tea. Afterwards , we relaxed on the couch to watch some movies on the On-Demand channel.

Lasagna-my sister says I make the best!

Every once in a while, I would get up to look outside the windows at the blowing and swirling snow.  Judging by the increasing little pile of snow on the summer patio furniture stacked outside.

Earlier this week, we had the Moon’s Eclipse on the same night as the event of Winter Solstice.

Blizzard Dec. 26, 2010-the snowplow is out, we'll have to dig our cars out tomorrow!















Good Morning,

During the night, I dreamed that all of the snow blew away, and that everything was all clear.  I opened my eyes, jumped out of bed to look out the window.  SNOW is still here, and none of the cars have left for work at 7:15 AM.     A Snowplow passed by.






A snowy sunrise sky! After the blizzard








I must say, this morning, the sky just after sunrise is looking very beautiful.  So silky white, almost as if there is snow capped mountains in the distance.

Snowy sunrise! Morning after the blizzard!

Merry Christmas



Jingle Bells, Look who found santa!

warm Gingerbread cookies fresh from the oven are one of my favorite images of Christmas

A Christmas Decorating Experience

Lights,camera, action

Lights,camera, action

See the figures in the left corner

See the figures in the left corner

At my parents house, there are boxes and boxes of ornaments, little used now that a full-size tree is no longer put up. Down in the basement, there are Christmas houses, a large plastic Santa face, sporting a Merry Christmas greeting that we used to put on the front door window, a collection of long-legged elves that my mother hung along her three small windows in her front door’s interior one year using those little silver ornament hangers hooked to the wooden edge, Santa and Mrs. Claus ceramic taper candle holder’s , old-fashioned ornamnents…. the santa face, icicles of shiny blue and sliver, many blue themed, a variety of tree toppers, angels, silver stars. We still have some handmade ornaments with sequins and beads that my sister and I made together with my mother when we were in our teens. (Featured in my blog under Holiday Home and Share) These were from a kit sold at a now closed home supply store, Rickles.

the pink of perfection

the pink of perfection

"Pretty in pink"

"Pretty in pink"

Antique santa puppet

Antique santa puppet

I thought I’d share this day along with photos with you out there in blogland.

Earlier this week, I spent time at my Mom’s house putting up a Christmas tree. She wasn’t home when I got there. That involved going to the basement and figuring out which one she used last year. I brought up a small one and wrapped the lights on and when she got home from senior lunch, she said there was a slightly bigger one that holds more ornaments; these are tabletop size. Until this year she did the decorating herself and would tell me to put my tree up yet; but that’s not happening this year. I put the lights on and a variety of ornaments; there are many more in boxes, that used to go on the big tree.
I love the christmas houses and churches , from when I was a kid, the kind you put a string of bulb lights, one bulb for the back of each house makes it look like lights are on in the houses through the color cellophane little windows in the front. There’s are white steepled church, too. All of these used to be placed under the “big” tree as a village of sorts; over the years we added a just the right size shiny sliver tree or two, Still have the original white under the tree skirt embedded with seemingly glistening sparkles. Do they sell these anywhere these days? In later years, my dad bought a plastic train set and we added that too, to the perimeter of the village.
Instead, I brought up three painted wooden snowmen and set them in a little “snowman theme ” basket and next to our “kiddy” christmas cups, one santa and one rudolf(pictured). The manger that was used since I was a kid is sitting on a popcorn can last time I was there. I found a few extra manger “characters”, two camels, two wiseman, one jesus, no mary to go with, and when I went back down I found a donkey and added him to the scene. Didn’t find the sheep.
For my house, I brought home one of the little tabletop trees and put it on the stairs landing. I decorated it with small flat wooden ornaments that my sister and I had sort of decoupaged way back when. These came with preprinted images for front and back of each wooden ornament; a group of Victorian carolers,two Victorian men playing instruments, a snowman, a jack-in-the box, a wreath, an old-fashioned santa claus with children, a candy cane are what I found. Some are stuck together, put those aside. There are many more in other boxes in the basement. A sring of lights, too and a few other small ornaments. Perhaps, we’ll put up my Victorian tree. It’s all in the attic. I put two large green and white striped candy canes by our sidewalk close to the door. A large very long crocheted stocking green and red and white is hanging on the front door, found in the basement with the other decorations.

Ta -daahh.....

Ta -daahh.....

Blue-light special

Blue-light special

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