Comments, Please

Hello world,

It’s Friday and a beautiful spring day is beginning.

A word on comments. I welcome your comments. To those who have commented, “I thank you, as my maternal grandmother would have said.
I’d love to meet you, where you’re from. Perhaps tell me what you’re looking for. I have many more photos on each subject that I have posted. If there’s a subject you like, perhaps I’ll upload some more photos.

I see that among some of the most often clicks to my site are the Stone Quarry in Vermont, Antonio de Curtis, “Toto”- the famous comedian in Italy, a 1920’s period men’s suit,” under the post “Tales of Wildcat”, and Pennylvania’s Chocolate World in Hershey, tour guide inside trolley, Hershey’s trolley at Hershey, Pa. Confetti parade ( I think the photo was of the Philly Mummer’s that you happened upon). Talerine beef recipe and Lithuainian dessert recipe. A few times someone has done a search on ant hill How-to’s refers to a photo that I took at the Philly Mummers in year 2008.

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