Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is a meme for all photos of red in color. With the aftermath of H’cane Irene, I’m happily sitting her in Panera bread for the free internet connection and electricity. This week, I’m living like a farm girl or of the 19th century; that is up at dawn with the sunlight, do my chores as the light shines in the window,and candles or a flashlight at night.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air at Somerville's Main Street car show

If what you’re craving is some nostalgia,  you can look for  your favorite 1950″s  antique car while strolling along Main street in Somerville on a summer night  and catching a concert on the lawn in front of the Courthouse building.

 Stained Glass on the top of the former RCA Victor headquarters, the “Nipper Building” ( #17).

The above R.C.A. image is a blast from yesteryear. Businesses have changed with the influx of foreign-made products, but I’m glad that the building was saved.   The architecture is all brick,and on closer inspection of the image of the “Nipper”, the Fox Terrier turning his ear to the Victrola, it is   is made of  Stained Glass.

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone.

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