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Whenever  we go for an outing – a day trip, the part I like best is a traveling on a back country road. I’m happiest when we come along to a dairy farm.  We stry to stop for me to capture some “cow” photos.

Holstein cows  are  black and white dairy cattle that originated in the North Holland and Friesland in  Europe.

Holsteins are known for their Outstanding  milk production.  ( courtesy of Wikpedia.)


Bridgeton Zoo-Scenic Sunday and Camera Critters

White Peacock, show your plumage!

This video was taken by me using my digital camera. Being a fan of cats, I found the ocelot “kittens” playing together to be quite fun to watch.
The location was in the historic town of Bridgeton, New Jersey.
We came here to explore the historic homes in Bridgeton and to see the zoo.
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Camera Critters #71

Three month old calf & mother at Hunterdon county 4-H fair

Three month old calf & mother at Hunterdon county 4-H fair


The Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural fair began yesterday August 19 and is there until Sunday August 23,2009.  This is the 10 year Anniversary at this location.   There were many cute animals to photograph.  I chose this photo for this weeks Camera Critters meme.

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