Baby Pics Theme for Mcklinky Blog Hop

Cute bonnet, Bantry Ireland 1926

Cute bonnet, Bantry Ireland 1926

There is a meme called Mcklinky Blog Hop and this week’s theme is “Baby Pics”
The web site is :
This photo is of my husband’s mother at the wee age of one where she was born in Ireland, Bantry. Here parents emigrated to the United States to Boston,
Massachusetts shortly thereafter. The rest of her sisters and brothers were born in the U.S. and were raised in Massachusetts.

Last week, my husband’s parents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. A party was postponed due to my father-in-law’s health reasons; some of the immediate family got together for a family dinner last week at the Navesink Harbor Dining room with a window view of the Shrewsbury river and Navesink rivers.


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