Top Ten Bookish Things I Haven’t Finished- Weekly Tuesday Book Meme

Top ten bookish things I haven’t finished.

Tuesday book meme

Is the question, do you like to read? Rather, what is the least amount of books that you have purchased at a book sale, since the last day of most book sales is ” Bag of Books for $1.00 or 2.00″?

This is how I can contribute to a weekly meme topic, Tuesday books, with the title, ” Top ten Books I Haven’t finished”.  As I look to the side of my bed, this is the current stack of books.  These are the ones I reach for.  However, chuckling, I currently have  just two books checked out of my local library, Negella’s Kitchen, and a Halloween themed book, ” Vampires, Witches and Caldrones”, or something like that.

  1. Summers End                By Kathleen Gilles Seidel
  2. A month of Summer      By Lisa Wingate
  3. The Conde Nast Traveler of Unforgettable Journeys By Clara Glowczewska,Editor
  4. The Clover House.          By Henriette Lazaridis Power
  5. Floating in My Mother’s Palm  By Ursula Hegi
  6. Know Your Power            By Nancy Pelosi.                                                                                                 The first two books that I have listed have a common word in them, Summer.  I chose these books at a book sale in the spring, while I was anticipating summer and then once summer came, I was so busy learning and networking that I didn’t finish.

The 3 rd book, ” Unforgettable Journeys” title , I like to pick up and read a story every now and then.

” The Clover House, just got buried underneath my favorites and I forgot about.

” Floating in my mother’s Palm”  is hard for me to read  , first of all by the tone of the book, is melancholy. The time frame is set in Post War Germany and the first chapter starts with the author describing her mother   Pregnant and carrying the author in the womb, how she chose a nun to take care of her instead of a midwife  and her days waiting .

The Book authored by Nancy Pelosi is a book I purchased after hearing her speak to promote the book on one of the morning Talk Shows. This one is important subject, Women and Empowerment. This book, I promise to continue reading and get it off this list.

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