Happy Halloween

Fall pumpkin

Happy Halloween

Trick  or Treat


Doesn't this front porch beckon you to sit for a spell?

How My Halloween went

November 1,2008

I’m home this weekend and staying upstairs to rest my left foot and compress with Ace bandage and apply ice for a contusion I recieved yesterday at work.  Sorry no photos.  I commented to a co-worker, while in the ER that the bruise looked like a paisley design.  I recieved the contusion when a folding table fell full force on my foot.  The pain was immense.  I didn’t want to scream as loud as the pain felt.

You may have seen a comedy scene in a movie where the actor screams so loud it’s heard all over the land.  That’s what I mean.  I held it in and said to my two staff that were there so far, please get me a chair to sit down .  A second chair to elevate my foot and check my foot, it was bruised, they applied cold packs and I called my supervisor for replacement RN to come to High School Blood Drive.   A little later, I went out “in style” by ambulance to a local hospital to get evaluated and x-rayed.I called my husband at work.   He had just arrived there.  He was 1 1/2 hr away from where I was but he left work and eventually arrived at the ER when it was almost time for me to be discharged.

The fact is, I rarely get a full week-end off except for vacation time.  The good thing is that hubby has my company all day, all weekend.. He’s out now, getting some food at delicious Pa. Dutch Market and my favorite muffins, Morning Glory muffins; I hope there’s some left it’s mid afternoon.

I spent yesterday afternoon on Halloween, watching the cable channel’s American Movie Classics.  It was Baris Karloff’s spooky themed movies in black and white form the 1930’s-40’s. And  Bela Lugosi’s “White Zombie” movie of 1932. 

It is so cool to watch the elaboarate settings they created in those times, the high ceilinged rooms, fine furniture and fancy chandeliers in the old castle.  In the lower part of the castle, there were steep cement stairs without railings.  Picture this image.  The young new bride turned zombie walks down the staircase  with her long flowing white dress and billowy robes brushing against the staircase wall as she descends.  That was how Halloween was for me.

Fright Fest at Great Adventure

Spin the wheel, eat the nightcrawlers, win a prize

Spin the wheel, eat the nightcrawlers, win a prize

Here they come, ghouls
Here they come, ghouls
Keep your eyes on the lady in the black skirt

Keep your eyes on the lady in the black skirt.

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