The perceived value of the work declines when a woman does it —

When women enter fields in greater numbers, pay declines — for the very same jobs that more men were doing before. In a discouraging article in the New York Times, I read that the pay gap, often explained by the fact that women are in more of the lower-paying professions, such as teaching, admin work, […]

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A baseball outing at Somerset Patriots

A Sunday afternoon is a good day to spend at a baseball game; having the opportunity to attend using one of the Suites for a group, even better.  There are a couple of  leather chairs, a sofa, and a row of pub chairs w/a table facing the window with a view of the ball field. A mini kitchen area with a stainless steel fridge stocked with water bottles and coca cola products, lemonade.

Yesterday was a home game for the Patriots who were playing against the Long Island ducks team. During the 9 th inning, Patriots winning 2 to 0, but two L.I. Duck ball players were on the bases and we left early.  Well look it up on their web site.

A bonus, was to meet someone of my mother’s heritage who knew all the same Lithuanian recipes and grew up in the same town while perusing the handicapp transport system, Golf cart.

I will post some pictures.


Perfect view of the team!


A gorgeous day to enjoy America’s all-time great past-time, baseball.

My sweetie and I on the balcony of the suite.


Batter up, Somerset Patriots!

Here’s a glimpse of The Patriot’s Mascot, Sparky, named for the team’s first manager, Sparky Lyle.  Sparky Lyle, the former team manager came by to visit and say hello at the suite. It happened so fast, that I didn’t have time to ask for a photo.




Here’s mom with mascot “Slider” and “General Admission”! And her S.I.L.Pat.IMG_9199

Nina found a comfy spot to relax.IMG_9192

Somerset Patriot team members waiting in the dugout.


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