Ruby Tuesday 2

Welcome Ruby Tuesday 2  readers!!!!

Last month a circus came to town where I was working!!!

Keller Miller Circus- most travel with campers connected with pick-up trucks, in the old days circus traveled by train.

The “Big Top” , the Keller- Miller Circus visits Mine Hill, N.J.

“Keller Miller is the sign on the trailer, Mine Hill, N.J.

Hope you enjoy these photos  with “Red” for Ruby Tuesday 2!!! of the outside of the circus.

I know you may be curious as to the show itself, the clowns and the animals.    What I di see, as I stood in the parking lot of the Civic Center building,  was  the back of two  large elephants as they were entering the tents.   Also, there was a Tiger tent on the grounds, and we  made jokes all day,  that the Tiger was coming to the Blood Drive!!! LOL.

As I was working a mobile Blood and Platelet drive on a Sunday, I did not visit the inside of this circus!!

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Ruby Tuesday 2 meme

F.W. Woolworth building. Do you remember Woolworth's?

Do you remember shopping or perhaps eating a sandwich at the counter at Woolworth’s?  Going back many years, my mother’s first job at the age of 16  was at Woolworth’s.  She walked there after school, and worked the counter, and restocking and ordering for her department.

At "West side Gravy, it reminds you of simpler times, with the comforts of home.

Eating at the West Side Gravy will remind you of simpler times with the comforts of home.

Inside the former Woolworth’s building is a restaurant called , “West Side Gravy” with Chef Alex Capasso.  Chef Capasso has earned ” the top 25 restaurants in New Jersey for three consecutive years for The Blackbeard and his latest endeavor is starting a restaurant in his own hometown.

Some of the entrees are Buttermilk Fried chicken,  Meatloaf with mashed potatoes peas and West Side gravy,  West Side mac N’ cheese.

For dessert, I’d choose the  Orange Creamsicle cake, or the warm apple pie tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  For the chocolate/peanut butter lovers , there’s a dessert called Chocolate Peanut butter cup.

Ruby Tuesday 2

Please join   to share you photos/ images that you’ve captured in shades of red.

I am so glad that someone else has the time and aspiration to resum this fun meme.  Thanks you Magical Mystery Teacher and Gemma Wiseman!!

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