Sunny Simple Sunday

This is St. Patrick’s day weekend.  For Sunny Simply Sunday theme blog, I’d like to share some photos that I took with a theme of green in color.  Sounds easy enough. There’s a variety to be had besides the obvious green grass, and green shamrocks (for St. Patrick’s day)!


We were visiting Philadelphia last March, and strolled into a shop that had these miniature pottery “shadow boxes”.  This place was an Ecuadorian shop, artifacts from Ecuador.  I was fascinated by this tiny kitchen scene with miniature bowls, and a tiny green table and little green shelves to match.

Magic Gardens- Pat waves along the mosaic stairway.Grace By the Tiled Arches in the Magic Gardens, 1022-1026 South Street.

On this day, we first visited the ” Magic Gardens” on South Street. The property belongs to a pottery/sculpture artist who transformed his piece of property and townhouse into a work of art, using many pieces of broken pottery and  glueing in whole items such as pretty patterned plates, and teacups, words added into  the tile such as ” A brief history of the future” and I remember walking around inside this piece of fiction,”


In keeping with my green color theme , here’s another picture from the “magic Gardens” , the word Change in big letters and pieces of mirror are glued to this area of wall.  I had fun with this.  Can you see an image of a woman?

Magic Gardens- Tile word, " Changing, and a mirror image.

Aren’t these pretty.  The entire building, is mosaic tile.  Can you see old bicycle tires immersed into the pottery walls on the left.  The row of blue bottles is very pretty interspersed with upside down green bottles.





There are many more photographic images that I collected of this wonderful place, a feast for the eye.  So much to see. I’ll save for another day.

Happy Simple Sunday everyone. Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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