Caregiving, did you know you are a caregiver?


Collingswood, Spend a Saturday in July to visit this wonderful town in Jersey!!!

A must see on. Saturday is the town  of Collingswood, a great place to get out and enjoy the fresh air, wearing comfy shoes to walk and explore the many blocks of intriqing places.

One place you must visit if you live in Jersey or near Philly is The town of Collingswood. It is Main Street, USA.

What are the draws? I’m sharing my thoughts, perhaps you would like to see it yourself.

It has been a tradition, I learned, for many years there is a farmer’s market, with representatives of many New Jersey farms selling their fresh produce.
Are you wanting something that you rarely find in a supermarket grocery store?
Zucchini blossoms, no problem.

Arts and Culture:
” Second Saturday Event”
Tonight, the town is having a special event from 6:00 to 9:00 pm , ” A Free Open Air Arts Walk.
On every block of Haddon Avenue, Art and music will be on display.
Dozens of one night exhibitions of jewelers, potters, painters, crafters and artists.
Retailers will offer deals, giveaways and discounts on services.


Antiques abound. It is fun to walk along Haddon Avenue and explore. My favorite place is a cottage, set back from the main road called,” The Painted Cottage”, the owners collect antique furniture, and refinish in white paint, or aqua, silver, pink or sage colors.   In past visits, I’ve dreamed of buying an antique dresser or dressing table/ vanity or wooden desk and satisfied my want by photographing the pretty images. This old style wooden furniture was designed with elaborate carvings that you seldom find in the Big Box type Furniture Stores.

There’s another favorite antique store that I love to browse with my husband. In the display window, the last time we went, there was a small slate board, antique, written in white chalk were the words, ” The First I- Pad”. We smiled and pointed it out and I remarked that as a child, I drew on a handheld chalkboard just like that one. In fact, I still have it!!!

The Restaurants

What to choose is the question. There’s Thai, Latin American, Asian Fusion, Japanese, Mexican, two Indian , American, ” The Pop Shop”, for fountain sodas, shakes, burgers, and belly busting breakfasts, along with several Italian restaurants.

In a review on, a few write of ” That’s Amore” serving a delicious meal called, ” Sunday Gravy made up of meatballs, pork and sausage and a rich red gravy. Growing up in my house, both of my parents referred to mom’s homemade as Sauce of which I have her recipe posted on this blog.

Friday- Today donation for Pakistan flood victums


Where can I find water purification tablets? I tried to search on-line for stores and without success.
Today, I will buy some items to donate for the Pakistan flood victims. For me, after reading the article about the lack of water, and the lose of their homes, the priority item is the anti-diarrheal over -the counter medications.
My local library in conjunction with the Islam Society of Central Jersey is accepting donations. The Islam Society’s building is very close to my home, less than a mile.

ISCJ is joining hands with the Central Jersey Community to respond to the Urgent needs of Flood victims in Pakistan. We are collecting basic necessity items to start supporting immediate relief efforts working in conjunction with the NGOs and Relief Organizations on the Ground.


Medical Supplies:
1. Anti-diarrhea for Adults/Children (e.g. Imodium, Pepto Bismol, etc.) 2. Oral Rehydration (e.g. Pedialyte, etc.) 3. Pain Killers/Fever Reducers for Adults/Children (e.g. Generic Brands Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc.) 4. Antibiotic Ointments, Cuts/Bruise/Rash Creams/Lotions (e.g. Neosporin, etc.) 5.

First Aid Supplies

(Bandages, Gauze Pads, Medical adhesive tape, Butterfly bandages, Trauma Pads, Non-Latex Gloves

6. Insect repellent
7. Water Purification Tablets (PUR, ER, Quake Kare, Katadyn Products – available at Amazon and Wal-Mart – check for availability)


1. Energy Bars, Cereal Bars, Breakfast bars
2. Biscuits – small packs (Parley, Glucose, etc.)
3. Small packages of Pre-Packaged Dates
4. Instant Dry Whole Milk – Small Packs (Nestle, Nido, etc.)
5. Cereals (Various Brands with NO MARSHMALLOWS)
6. Ready to eat vegetable canned foods like Black beans, Garbanzo beans (must not require a can opener)


1. Diapers (Due to package sizes, please drop off on Saturday-September 18, 2010)
2. Feminine Products
3. Bottled Water (Due to weight/space, please drop off on Saturday-September 18, 2010)

Here is the ISCJ website: