What inspires you?

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Do you ever wonder how it is that you choose to do something? What inspires you? Why does that particular thing spark your interest?

Are you a ” go with the flow” type of person or are you rigid in your thoughts of what you’ve already decided is right for you?

I am finding that I have changed my likes over the years, just as some people change friends.  I am open to new things. I am interested.  From the perspective of children, some cannot wait to finish school, yet you can spend your lifetime learning. Your brain, thinking and your mind ready to absorb different information.  I feel you become a better person with each new thing that you introduce. It is social, in the process, you meet new people. You don’t have to like every aspect of a person, but you learn to appreciate that part of them…

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May, and Diabetes Self Management course

It’s the month of May, coming to a close by the end of the week. Enrolled my sister and I in a 5 week Diabetes Self-Managrment course, funded by the state.

I’ll describe how the class works. At the beginning of the first week, we got our name tags. The group is co-lead by 3 individuals, one from the County Health Dpt, a diabetic, and one from the Office on Aging( O.O.A.), two at a time, alternating.

On large sheets of poster size paper is written the Agenda for the day.


Activity 1-Intro, ID common problems,

Activity 2: Workshop Overview,

activity 3: make and complete a weekly Action Plan,

Activity 4:Call your buddy, discuss your action plan ( goals of the week).

Turn off your cell phones / pagers or put on vibrate mode.

2nd Responsibilities,

Activity 3: What is Diabetes?

Break time

Activity 4: Monitoring,

Activity 5: Intro. To Healthy Eating,

Activity 6: Into. To Action Plans, Activity 7: Closing.

Guidelines are posted:

Give any new activities at least a two week trial.

Make and Complete an Action Plan.

Call your buddy, ( first week is by one of the co- leaders).

Turn off your cellphone/ pagers or put on Vibrate mode.

Next, everyone was asked to contribute their idea of ” Problms caused by Diabetes”. Ten he list brainstormed as fear of knowing what could happen, tiredness, unable to walk, taking medications ( needles ), neuropathy, diabetic coma ( my paternal grandmother), loss of independence, loss of close family.

Second week class:

On the 2nd week, the class was given the book, ” Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions”.

Another poster was displayed on the wall, ” Diabetes Self Management Tasks”.

1.Take Care of your Diabetes

2. Carry out your normal activities and doing the things that are important to you.

3. Manage Your Emotional changes.

4.  Take part in planning and carrying g out your Managrment program.

5. Provide information.

Blood sugar levels were discussed with a table format.

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