Cranberry Sauce

Sharing ” Panini girl’s recipe for home-made cranberry sauce. This sounds more savory then sweet. Try it and send me a comment.

Panini Girl


It’s that time of year again-the holidays are officially upon us. Step into any grocery store and you will immediately get the sense of the frenzy that accompanies the season. You can hardly get your cart through the aisle with all the shoppers hurriedly throwing things into their carts. My first thought is “will I have time to get everything done once I get out of here?”.

As much as I love to cook and entertain, I am happy that I am not preparing the entire Thanksgiving feast. We are part of a celebration with friends with everyone pitching in with the cooking. One of my assignments is the cranberry sauce. This is not the cranberry sauce of my youth. Of course I grew up with the jellied sauce in the can. Didn’t you too? This has been my “go to” sauce for years now. A little tart, a little…

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What inspires you?

Revised December 4, 2018

Do you ever wonder how it is that you choose to do something? What inspires you? Why does that particular thing spark your interest?

Are you a ” go with the flow” type of person or are you rigid in your thoughts of what you’ve already decided is right for you?

I am finding that I have changed my likes over the years, just as some people change in their level of friendship, exploring new things, adds to wellness. am interested!!

From the perspective of children, some cannot wait to finish school, yet you can spend your lifetime learning. Your brain, the process of  thinking and your mind is ready to absorb new and  different information.

I feel you become a better person with each new thing that you introduce.  It is social, in the process, you meet new people. You don’t have to like every aspect of a person, but you learn to appreciate that part of them that participates in a certain activity, whether it yoga, painting, rock climbing, singing, teaching, jewelry-making, meeting a bakery owner, a gardener at the Dukes Farm Estate.

I am amazed at my local library and all the venues it has to offer. It truly has become a multi-faceted place for community in which during the learning process,  I have met several new friends.

At my local library, There is the ” Digital Cafe”, The Smart Lab” to take various computer seminars, and to make appointments for one on one questions. Also there you can learn ” Garage Band”, video-Editing.  There is also is a Library consortium of shared services, one of these being sewing. I sewed  both a zipped pouch and a pretty library tote sewn with one of my favorite design patterns called “toile” in a black and white color fabric.

During both months of  January and March were ” Makers month ” at local libraries in my area.

Who would have thought that all you need is a black felt tip sharpie and a white ” tile” cardboard and you can create artistic doodles called Zentangle? The premise is that while playing New Age music, ( a type of  music that is  often played during yoga classes),  and drawing patterns, that it releases endorphins that create a form of relaxation.  That day in January, I also learned knitting, and ball room dancing. In March, I was enthused to attend and watch documentaries films on environmental concerns created by independent film makers.

One of my favorites was the movie entitled ” Angel Azul”,  about the long process of creating an Angel statue by plaster casting on a live person model; this took hours to do and I appreciated the patience of the lady model. This statue was lowered into the ocean with a giant crane.  Many more statues were created by sculpturists in the same method , all to be used on the ocean floor, to create a new barrier reef ,  a place for plankton, and sea life to adhere to.  I learned that professional scuba divers travel from all areas of the world to scuba  dive in Mexico to view this place.

December 4, 2018  Revisiting my blog post, entitled “ What inspires you?” .

In summary, inspiration and creating is a fluid, an ever-changing process, involving being with people, the social interaction becomes the fun of it.

However, for inspiration, it helps to have space, quiet time to think and create, reflect.  The early morning hours, before anyone else is awake has been a good time for ideas to emerge.   Ways to plan involve having a list pad nearby for jotting down notes, or 3 x  5 index cards, “ do young people  even hand write notes in this day?”, utilizing google calendar for event dates, and merging similar ideas onto the  Pintrest, a web site.


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