Revisiting winter2009-Walking through a Winter Wonderland

Watch the snowglobe slowly turn, as you hear the familiar Christmas tune.  I start to hum the music, and my hubby then sings the words to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Yes, I’m “saving” this video baby!; As I woke up this morning and walked into the room with the Old desktop, I find my Sweetie sitting at the “puter”, reviewing video files and saying I’m going to Delete this one.  Oh NO, that’s you singing.  I’ve got a personal YouTube site that I need to upload there first and on this blog.  So Here it is!  Or at least I hope it uploaded.

I’ll Post Snow pictures from January 2009- At a little snow for an AUgust morning to look at.

Winter snow at the dairy farm along So. Middlebush Rd.

Cows  in the snow!!

Camera Critters #71

Three month old calf & mother at Hunterdon county 4-H fair

Three month old calf & mother at Hunterdon county 4-H fair


The Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural fair began yesterday August 19 and is there until Sunday August 23,2009.  This is the 10 year Anniversary at this location.   There were many cute animals to photograph.  I chose this photo for this weeks Camera Critters meme.

Cows in December

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

Not now, the birds are watching

Not now, the birds are watching

Such willing subjects

Such willing subjects

Push me Pull you cows-aka Dr. Dolittle

Push me Pull you cows-aka Dr. Dolittle

Cow is resting with lots of space

Cow is resting with lots of space

"We're mooving, are you joing us"

Cows! The opportunity to photograph cows just before the snowfall was an unexpected pleasure. The sky was covered in grey, yet I was all smiles. I pulled off the main road onto the side road that the farm borders to capture these close-ups. Along the farm’s edge of road is a border of brown bushes and barbed wire fencing; I manged to find a sparse opening with which to capture these images. The cows sitting have curly white fur on top of their heads.

cows of PA

"Hey, are you taking a picture?"

I wonder who loves cows enough  to photograph them?   Like  Me!

Mi domandochi ama le mucche abbastanza a photograh lor come faccio.  (in Italian)

On a recent trip to Hershey, PA , we passed pastures with Holstein cows a few miles away.  I said to my husband,” look there’s the cows”, “oh , please stop at the next farm, I want to take a picture of the cows” almost pouting.  Once stopped, I could have gotten closer, but it  was me standing there and a seemingly thin wire fence.  How fast do they “moove” anyway.? LOL.

I was happy as could be, now that I had my cows on film.

There also was a herd of brown cows, beef cattle along the edge of the road behind a fence.  I wondered what kept them from crossing the fence onto the road.

Many years ago,  we went on rides in the country with my grandparents.  If the cows were sitting, my grandmother P. would say that it was going to rain; an old wives tale perhaps.   While riding in the car, my mother would say, “look out the window at the cows.”  We would stop our conversation or games and turn our heads to look.

Now, I love to  look at the cows. Relaxing , maybe seeing them standing quietly evokes  a slower pace.   Whenever I come to the place where I know there is a dairy farm a few miles from my house, I cast a glance in the direction of the dairy farm’s grounds.   Are they close to the road?  Are they far in the distance,  near their barn and large-size funny imitation cow for decoration.  Today, as I drove on South Middlebush Road, the cows were in a pasture to the  left side of the road.  Most of them were close to the fence and they were sitting down.  As I got closer to my destination, you guessed it, it was raining (drizzling). Just like my grandmother P. used to say.

In Italian:

Su un viaggio recente a Hershey, Pa, abbiamo passato i pascoli con le mucche dell’ Holstein.

“IL colorato beige della mucca, seite che esaminate il me.”

November 7, 2008

I’ve added one more photo.  This is of a farm in New Jersey.  It’s along Rt. 518.  I don’t know the name of the farm.  One day last fall, the cows were fairly close to the road and I had my camera with me.  Yahoo.  I parked the car and walked a little closer.  This beige cow photographed seemed to look up from the grass he/she was munching and say, ” this is the first time somebody stopped to take our picture” or ” are you looking at me”  A photogenic cow.  The others are contentedly grazing.   There are more photos; perhaps my friend will create  a painting for me.

Any comments out there. Where are you from?

Scrivere,  Dove vive?


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