Eat Pray Love Italian Challenge

Eat Pray Love Italian Challenge

My challenge was to finish reading Eat, Pray, Love before the release date of the movie, August 13,2010 and now  I am inspired to post an Italian themed recipe and photo for Valli’s Eat, Pray, Love Italian challenge.

The challenge is open to any “foodie”, one who likes to cook.

You are welcome to go to  Valli’s website to read her  post and perhaps get in the kitchen and cook up something Italian to share with other foodies.

Valli of ” More Than Burnt Toast” blog has an Italian food recipe challenge inspired by the upcoming movie release of EAT,PRAY,LOVE on August 13, 2010.

You can find her post on More Than Burnt Toast at
If you would like to join Valli  simply prepare an Italian dish from antipasti, primo, secondo, contorno to dolce and send the link with photo to eatchallenge(at)gmail(DOT)com before the opening of the movie ,  August 13, 2010.

She writes:

Eat , Pray,Love is Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonderfully crafted book about life changing experiences when she trades in her previously perfect life to travel the world “to find herself. ” After a heart wrenching divorce she spends a year traveling in Italy, India and Indonesia. Each word in the title Eat, Pray, Love is expanded by her experiences in three countries.

In my next post, I’ll  add my Italian themed recipes and continue reading Eat Pray Love.

On Food Candy

What is Food Candy?

Foodcandy is a website where  foodies meet.

Maggie on Food Candy is celebrating her first Blogiversary with a giveaway of   chocolates-vegan from Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates in Empire Michigan,  and either an apron or a tote with the Dog Hill Kitchen logo.

All you have to do is: 

1.   write a comment on Maggie’s post before midnight on January 16, 2009 ( she lives in Michigan, check the time zone) ,

2. write a post on your blog

3. or send her an e-mail if you don’t have a blog.

Maggie of Dog Hill Kitchen on the website

is having her First Blogiversary with a Giveaway

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