Happy First day of Fall and the movie , Julie and Julia

Well, It’s the first day of Fall. Is everone ready to embrace the cooler weather? I prefer another week or two of warmer weather and wearing my short sleeve clothing and capris. Yesterday evening was a little chilly.

Anyone a fan of the movie Julie and Julia? We finally saw the movie last evening.
Some of my favorite scenes:

When Julia child enrolled in a French master cooking class and at home practising slicing onions fast- her husband came home to both smell and see a huge pile of sliced onions on her chopping board that he had to leave the room.
At the next cooking class, it is shown that she is the fastest slicing onions.

What funny moments can you recall?

I can also relate to the scene where she prepares the beef bourguignon , sets the timer for 2 hours, falls asleep and the dish burns in the oven; the cat smells it first. Just last week, I was roasting vegatebles in the oven, rested on the couch and I, too fell asleep. The carots were burned, but the sliced potatoes, and zuchhini were edible.

Meryl Streep did a wonderful performance as Julia Child. I recall watching Julia child’s cooking show-The French Chef with my grandmother during the summers and Meryl performed a very good likeness of Julia’s voice as I remember it. During the movie, I had great delight listening closely for the resemblance to Julia’s voice.