Italian comedian – Toto-Antonio De Curtis

This past Sunday, we were fortunate to view “Toto “,  the Italian comedian in the showing of  an Italian movie called,   “The Emperor.”   I found him to be very entertaining.  His facial expressions had me in stitches. 

 When I got home,  I started  my search for a video to share from you-tube with my readers.    

Antonio De Curtis began his career in Vaudeville using the name Toto.

Toto was such a consummate actor that he was able to get laughs as himself with his own personality even when ostensibly in character.

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 Here is a you tube video at the Trevi Fountain in Rome where he pretends own the Trevi Fountain:

Antonio De Curtis born in Naples, Italy.  Toto started his career in Naples, in small theaters in which he learned the art of the ” guitti”,  Neopolitan scriptless comedians, heirs to  the tradition of the Comedia Dell Arte.

In 1922, he moved to Rome,  performing in the genre of avanspettala,  a  ballet and comedy, Vaudevillian, before the main act of the night.  In the 1930’s ,  he traveled across Italy with his own  company.

In 1937,  he appeared in his first movie, Fermo  Con Le Manni, and then starred in over 100 films.

Toto was famous in Italy and many of his movies included his name in the title.

The movie that recieved most acclaim outside of Italy was ” The Hawks and the Sparrows” (1966).

Some of his famous movies are: 

 Fifa e Arena, Toto Le Moco,  Toto al Giro d ‘ Italia, Toto e le Donne, Toto Tarzan,Toto a colori,  the first Italian color movie in 1952, Ferraniacolor,  Poverty and Nobility,  Siamo Uomini o  Caporoli ?, I soliti Ignati ,  the episode of” Che cosa sono le nuvole” , from Capriccio All’Italiana,  released after his death in 1968.

I would love to see  some of these movies.  The movies were all made in Italy.  The  DVD movies in Italy are  made in a different zone, then the USA.   To watch, must use a separate  DVD player soley for Italian movies,  and change the code on the remote the zone for Italy.

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