Generosity of Spirit: 5 Wonderfully Expressive Egyptian Phrases

Landscapes of Cairo

Arabic is a remarkably expressive language in which many words and phrases often have no English equivalents by virtue of their reflection on the values and wisdoms specific to speakers of the language. While many are available and vary from one Arabic speaking country to the other, many acquire a cross-border popularity. In addition to the many quirks and humorous expressions used by Arabic speakers, there are also several wonderfully expressive phrases most particularly heard and used in Egypt. Whereas we tend to think of generosity as entailing more materialistic gestures, these phrases denote a different type of generosity- that of the spirit.

1. Na’eeman (نعيماً):
Usually said to someone after they shave, get a haircut or take a shower, the term is derived of the Arabic words ne’ma (نعمة) and na’eem (نعيم) (blessing and paradise) and is used to sort of congratulate someone on looking cleaner or fresher.


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Bruce Springsteen, a note

Bruce Springsteen, How can we get tickets? Hoping to celebrate my birthday for an even year. Ticketmaster is not working for me.

Have to leave the house now. I do not have one of those I -phones or Blackberries, so do not have internet access when out and about and not allowed net access while at work, I’m a nurse.

My husband grew up in Rumson, but I am more of a fan, experienced your music firsthand as a teen in the 70’s.
You may find it interesting to hear that the first words my husband said to me when I met him in Hawaii was…..”Hello, I’m from Rumson…where
Bruce Springsteen lives”….Me “Oh really…Bruce Springsteen….I listen to his music..Born in the USA… I’m from New Jersey, too”. He also told me that you cannot see his house from the road, it sits back further on the property, so no need to drive there, it is private.