It’s Blood Donor month in January

Tracie and William are both collecting blood at the Masons in Westfield Blood Drive.

I just saw on this mornings news that it is National Blood Donor month.  The Pelican Ski ,  shop is participating by offering all donors free “Ski Lift tickets or snow board ticket ” from January 1 to January 31st 2012  in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Bring your proof of donation letter to any Pelican Ski shop for your free rental certificate until February 5, 2012.  See Pelican ‘s web site for all Blood Donation locations.

My husband is a regular blood donor at the place I work at, the Blood Center of New Jersey.

Patrick Riordan donates blood! You can save 3 lives by donating one pint!

Grace Riordan, R.N. is packing the Platelet products  for Field  Apheresis located at Wayne Health Dpt.

Team Leaders, Grace Riordan, R.N. and Angelique Crisciolo, R.N. at the Blood Center of New Jersey , Parsippany location.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012

I finished out the New Year  doing several things.
Sewing and maintaining the practice of Green Living!
Going green as in recycling  started a long time ago in my family.  We still have a  red “breadbox ” that was used to keep loaves of bread inside on your counter in the 1950’s from my grandmother.   In it contains boxes of light bulbs.  A sewing machine table is used as a T.V stand. 
When I went to Junior high school, every single girl had “Home Economics”  for sewing and cooking classes.   We were required to go and buy a sewing chest.  Now bear with me, I’ve got a lot to say!!!! That year , on a shopping trip with my mother I bought a pink  plastic one.  Still on the lid is a piece of tape with  my name and “period 4″ . What I liked about this kit:  has a top tray for two thimbles,  bobbins of thread, sewing needles , sewing scissors, and the remainder to hold small sewing projects.  Thread colors are ” Clark’s” thread of light blue, light pink, yellow, navy blue,and  red.   Inside there I still have folded up paper of sewing terminology called” Sewing Unit review sheet”,   that I got from sewing class all those years ago.  There’s a small folded up newspaper cutting from a “Dear Eunice Farmer” asking for reorganization help of a sewing room.  Our local newspaper at that time had a ” pattern Department” that you could write to with your name and address to request a pattern that was shown that day in the newspaper.   My times have changed.  Everything is order on-line when you read magazines.  Also in the bottom of my sewing caddy is   a piece of patchwork fabric folded up, blue terry cloth material scraps, “sew-on snap fasteners from the store Bradlees’s, two embroidered patches , a strawberry and a light blue flower ( that I remember  my grandmother P. liked ), more spools of thread ( J& P Coates) made in the USA, in colors of royal blue, brown , green, and pastel green,  a  small pink hexagon -shaped plastic box for straight pins,  2 measuring tapes, paper tags  from clothing in size small.   Yes, there was a time when I wore size small, way back in seventh grade. He he he. There’s a paper tag from a wool jacket that I bought from Evan Picone, a hot fashion designer. At that time, I thought that was a special wardrobe addition,  to keep the tag in my sewing kit!!!
Here’s a pic of me sewing a hem on corduroy slacks for my mother.  

My needle and thread and my sewing box from 7th grade.

Part of  writing a blog, is self evaluation.  I frequently like to read my stats.  In doing this, I learn about what was of interest , why  people visit my blog.
 The most frequently searched items on my blog for yesterday were : 
Swiss chalet chicken recipe ( a Canadian recipe) (4), “By the boab tree”  lyrics, Toto- the Italian comedian. 
I have posted several Lithuanian recipes,  and there are many searches for Lithuanian Koshie, Kugles, and Kapusta.

 Not far behind in the popularity of searches are  Mountain Dew cake and Summer dessert,Vermont, Hershey, Pa, 50’s cars, and many others. ( I ‘ll go back and review again.)  You would’t believe how often people from all over the world  visit my site for pictures of farm animals and zoo animals!!!

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