Thrifty Thursday and How to use your I-Pod, Not

At my friends's house with "Rani"

Well, It’s Thursday, I’m going to the dentist and I want at least one new song added. Looks like it’s not going to happen by 11:15 am. My goal is to learn to be more tech savvy. There is help out there in cyberspace, by way of google searches. 

Google Searches I did:
1.How to download music from my I-pod from I tunes

Actually, there’s a balance of $5.46 from my I-tunes gift card, but when I select- purchase “Firefly”, info screen came on to select credit card info, Oh well, I spent $1.29 ; the gift card not used today.

2. I-pod says “Do not disconncet, but the screen is frozen”

Here’s what I did:

I turned off the computer.
I did this because the volume button was not producing any sound, and this was suggested by yours truly to do last night.
Once I turned the computer back on, the next thing was to double click on the desktop the “I-tunes” icon.
I did this. I tunes came into view. This time I see Syncing in progress. While speaking on the phone to my husband (shhh.. he’s at work), said look for “Sync”.
Sync did the trick. Hmmm. It’s such a long time since I added a song, I forgot about how the process works…..Syncing.
Yeah!!!! The song Firefly is now on the I-pod. Now I can eat my breakfast and be ready for the dentist. I’m such a chicken, sometimes. But don’t you dread the dentist, too no matter how nice the dental assistants are and the dentist.

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