Happy Birthday! to my husband

HAPPY Birthday!   They say it’s your Birthday! 

Our life together started here On Sanibel Island, Florida








Christmas 2005, in our new house.

BBQ'ing in 2006

It's marshmallow time!

Showing his new tee! September 16, 2006

With mom and brother, say goodbye to 1 Tennis Court Lane in 2006

Pat's birthday with the Riordan's at Olive Garden 2007

Pat and Grace with neices and nephew in 2008

Grace and Pat , dinner at Casa Comida 083108

Pat and his dad at Casa Comida on August 31, 2008

** Feb. 14, 2009 **at Sultana restaurant **

Grace and Pat at "Carnevale 2010" on Feb 13th


Skywatch Friday


 Sky view from rooftop of the MET


Sky view from rooftop of the MET

The Metropolitan Museum was featured on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) on a program called Great  Museums.  It inspired me to post this photo for this week’s Skywatch Friday.   

The program highlighted behind the scenes, such as the restoration work.    

The Restoration workers demonstrated  Stained Glass that was enhanced visually by placing another piece of glass underneath the original with a tracing the same image.  I could see the difference; the image on the Stained Glass became more sharp to the eye.   

Another topic was on the Curator Emeritus, Mr. Phillipe de Montebello.   

During his 31 year tenure, Phillipe guided the acquisition of more than 84, 000 works of art from around the world.   In 2008, Curators celebrated three decades by displaying work  acquired by Montebello in one area.   Art was put together in order of years acquired  with  works of different time periods  displayed next to each other for the first time.  For example, a  Maangaaka Power figure of   half of the  19th century, was displayed next to a piece another piece of art from another century.  

 Included was Vincent Van Gogh’s “Wheat Fields and Cypresses” 1889,  a 1740’s dress made in England of Dutch or  German silks ( usually exhibited  in the Costume Institute founded by Montebello), an autograph quilt circa 1856-63 , made of small diamond-shaped pieces of white silk with autographs of eight American Presidents, Abraham Lincoln , and authors Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson.   

There is an on-line exhibition catalog that illustrates each object .   

www.metmuseum.org  click on “The Phillipe de Montebello Years”   

 Friday is the day to join with the skywatchers around the world to share your images of the sky.


Ruby Tuesday-February 23, 2010

The fire hydrant has a cap of snow.


This photo is from last week’s Nor’Easter snow storm that dropped 12- 15 inches snow here.   The snowplow crew cleared the hydrant later, so more visible.

Please join http://theworkofthepoet.blogspot.com    for more Ruby Tuesday photos from around the world.

Monday February 22,2010 Blue Monday & Mellow Yellow Monday

I look out my window and I still see snow.   It is about 12 days since the northeast had the Blizzard or Nor’easter and there is still plenty of snow on the ground. 

snow in my backyard beyond a basketful of blueberries

There are many other Blue Monday memes photographs to look at . at the website: 

Today is also Mellow Yellow Monday meme. 


Mellow Yellow Monday-my half of the banana.

“Why did you take this picture?,my husband said completely puzzled one day as he downloaded the photos.  

I said, ” I wanted to capture an everyday moment.”   When I come down to the kitchen for breakfast , this is what I’ll find on the kitchen counter. Sharing a banana between the two of us for breakfast with our cereal.   By this time, he’s already left for work.

Happy Valentine’s day and Lucky by Colbie Caillat

 Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s sugar cookies











 (feat. Colbie Caillat)

Do you hear me,I’m talking to you

 Across the water across the deep blue ocean

 Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying

 Boy I hear you in my dreams

I feel your whisper across the sea

 I keep you with me in my heart

 You make it easier when life gets hard

 I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

 Lucky to have been where I have been

 Lucky to be coming home again

 Waiting for a love like this

 Every time we say goodbye I wish we had one more kiss

I’ll wait for you I promise you,I will

 I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

 Lucky to be coming home again

 Lucky we’re in love every way

 Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

 Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I’m sailing through the sea

 To an island where we’ll meet

You’ll hear the music fill the air

 I’ll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through trees

Move so pretty you’re all I see

As the world keeps spinning round

You hold me right here right now

 I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again

 I’m lucky we’re in love every way

 Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed

 Lucky to be coming home someday

Skywatch Friday


Friday is the day to join the skywatchers and share your photo of the sky.  

Pink sky sunset

Take time from your busy day to enjoy the skies.  This is what I did one evening as I was driving home from work.  I like to have my camera with me wherever I go.  

I was about 20 minutes from home and I knew this was the right moment to pull over and enjoy the skies, like watching a movie up in the sky.  A cement and gravel company is located there.    I usually don’t notice it as I’m driving down the highway.

Watery Wednesday

WATERY  WEDNESDAY – Kingston, New Jersey

The Millstone river, ice and water



There is more information about this area in my previous post under the title  Ruby Tuesday – Historic Kingston area.

To view more wonderful water photos, please visit 2sweetnsaxy at the web address:


Ruby Tuesday

old Mill circa 1800's along the Millstone river

Today is Ruby Tuesday.  Please go Mary the Teach at http://workofthepoet.blogspot.com to view many photos in red.

Kingston Mill Historic District:

This place is located a short drive from my house.   After lunch with my friend last week, I decided to try out my new camera  here thinking of this historic red building, called the mill.

This place has historical  importance.

The stone bridge was rebuilt in 1798 after Continental troops in the Revolution, hoping to delay a retreat from Princeton, destroyed an earlier wooden bridge.

The red mill  was rebuilt by John and Jacop Gulick in Kingston.

Just below the bridge is a section of  the Millstone  river.  The evidence of winter is shown in the photo contrasting flowing water and frozen tree limbs.  Will post the photo later (having some trouble uploading the photos).

Ice- hanging from the branches over the creek.

Ground Hog day-February 2, 2010, across the nation

“Punxsutawney Phil” in a place called Gobbler’s Knob, Pa  saw his shadow this morning.

As quoted :

“As the sky shines bright above me,

My Shadow I see beside me,

Six more weeks of winter will be.”


Here’s a website to be a memeber of the Punxsutawney groundhog club:


I wondered how many states in the United States celebrate Groundhog day.

St Louis Missouri:

The St. Louis zoo does not wake up it’s groundhog on February 2nd; they have a really cranky groundhog who doesn’t like to be woken up.

Groundhogs hibernate in the winter; it’s heartbeat, metabolism and respiration slow allowing it to live on it’s body fat.  “If the animal is awakened too early, it might not have the energy to find food and survive  cold weather tempertures.”



Town of South Bruce Peninsula:

There is a week long Wiarton Willie Festival.

Ice, wood and stone carving in Blue Water park,  and BBQ pig roast in Bluewater park.

A Willie moonlight parade, a Tommy Gilham concert, and fireworks immediately afterward.

On Saturday, February 6th,  some of the events highlighted are  Groundhog  Jog at 9:00am,  horse drawn sleigh rides 10:00am to 4:00pm , Lions Club motorless car derby 0900 to 10:30 am, and Groundhog Ball at the Arena from 8:00pm to 1:00am


Wiarton Willie saw his shadow, six more weeks of winter!

There is the sunrise, send the news to the printer,

So I see my shadow, Six more weeks of Winter!

There is a ground hog in Staten Island, too.

In celebration of six more weeks of winter, I decided to cook some homemade soup this Am.   Now going out to lunch with my friend and will post recipe later.

Lentil soup

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