January 30, 2009

On this day,forty years ago, January 30, 1969, the Beatles, gave a surprise performance on the roof of Apple Records’ London recording studio -their last public concert together.
The Beatles played five songs during their rooftop performance:
“Get Back “(three times),”Don’t Let Me Down” (twice), “I’ve Got a Feeling “(twice), “One After 909”, and “Dig a Pony”. They also played a brief version of the British National Anthem, “God Save the Queen”.
Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr
There was also some filming of the movie, “Let it Be” and the album, “Let It Be” was rehearsed and recorded in January 1969, although it’s release date was May 20, 1970.

1994 Concert with scenes and clips from other previous concerts.