For all those “I Love Lucy” fans, especially my sister on September 16

Today is a day that I’d like to post a video, an “I Love Lucy ” video entitled “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.”
You know the episode where both Lucy and Ethel start work at a chocolate candy packaging assembly line. The candy supervisor starts the conveyor slowly and they do pretty good wrapping each candy as it comes by. The conveyor speeds up, and Lucy and Ethel try to keep up. They both start to eat some of the candy and just stuff it in their mouths. They hear the supervisor coming and they grab up the unwrapped candies and pile them into their big round caps that was part of their uniform.
It is both my sister and I all-time favorite TV show clip. It’s right up there with making of the “Vita Veta Vegemin Commercial. “It tastes real good, too.” and Lucy takes another spoonful.
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