Earth Day 2011

Who could have known that what started on  November 11, 1969 as an idea proposed by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson
for a “teach-in  on the environment,” a proposed day when college scientists, public leaders , students and faculty to  discuss threats to the ecology of the world simultaneously, would continue to be an annual Earth day, now forty-one years later.   University of Minnesota students were one of the first by”conducting a ceremonial burial of an internal combustion engine and included the prediction that Nelson’s teach-in “could be a bigger and more meaningful even than the antiwar demonstrations.”

“Venerable conservation groups, like the Sierra Club and the National Audubon Society, found in Earth Day a new audience for their traditional call for land, water, and wildlife protection. Environmental societies also began to expand their agendas into emerging ecological concerns.”

“While some of these groups had a long history of fighting particular environment battles, Earth Day drew strength from this convergence as they found common enemies and common goals. This diversity of concerns now brought a unified environmental movement into existence.”

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

Here is a photo of an Earth Day hike on the Sourland Mountain preserve several years ago.

Hike in Sourland Mountains on Earth Day

The hike on the Sourland Mountain preserve took place today.  They looked for some early wildflowers, met early migratory songbirds and encountered other signs of spring along the way. This program is co-sponsored by Washington Crossing Audubon Society.

Tomorrow, my community is participating in Earth Day by  hosting their annual Earth Day clean-up from 09:00am to 12:30pm. My husband and I will be out there doing our part to join in the conservation efforts.

Even Google has a representation of Earth day  in today’s search engine header. Go on over there and take a look.

Earth Day update:

I read a day too late that Lowe’s Home and garden big box store was giving out ” free” , yes,  free tree seedlings to all customers on Earth day only! Missed out on that one.

Our local grocery store weekly ads promoted Earth day with their ads for products that are green and healthier for the environment.

Our Earth day clean-up was postponed to the following Saturday due to the rainy weather and  I won’t be able to participate, but Hubby will.

Celebrate Earth Day 2010

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! 





How will you be celebrating Earth Day in your part of the world? 

Make it an everyday motive.  Big or small. 

Many years ago, I participated in a hike in the Sourland Mountains preserve in Hillsboro. (This place is only open for special days for hikes).  Where is that photo? 

Today is a good day to start some planting of annual flowers and seeds. 

Buy local vegetables and fruits from farmer’s markets. 

My husband recycle everyday; every piece of paper, mail that comes to our house that we do not need is placed in the recycle bag and the bottles are rinsed and labels removed.   We check the bottom for the recycle number symbol. 

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