Rainy Day

rainy day at beautiful Hershey gardens!

We'll walk through the park between the raindrops or umbrella is best.

What are some things to do on a rainy day?

Cook, play music, watch a DVD, there’s more, no wait . There’s something that’s more fun to do. Did you guess it right?
It is to create a photo collage on Picassa 3.
For this week’s Photo challenge with the Faceboook’group Oh SHoot! Digital Scavenger Photo Hunt:

Spices: on my kitchen shelf and plants.

I ♥ Faces- My Favorite Things

This week’s non-judge theme in I ♥ Faces is called ” My story in Photos ”  with a theme of “My Favorite Things”.   You are welcome to join in and share your story in photos.

The website is http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com


Is it First Day Of Spring

First Day Of Spring?

First Day Of Spring?

March 20, 2009,0730 a.m.

March 20, 2009,0730 a.m.

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