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My permission must be granted prior to your reproducing anything (on-line ,  print or photo that I have taken myself ) any review or article that I have written.  Thank-you.

******* FOOD  BLOGS  I  VISIT   ********************




 ****************    Blogs I read by States  in the U    **********************

 Iowa,  the Lost Continent: 


Iowa-Midlife by Farmlight:

Florida: The Grape escape by muse swings


 Alabama Daily Photo

Gilmer Dairy Farm, Lamar County, Alabama


Colorado Lady


 washday wanderings

                Fastawake on Earth

Florida-Palm lCoast called Sugar Queen’s dream


   Lime in the Coconut


Georgia, Savannah : called Buttercream and Roses 

Montana-Bluff area Daily


Indonesia: For the Remembrance
Malaysia- Kuching Daily Photo by Awang             

        My Sarawaks travelogue

                      Day to Day Miracles

France- Kate Hill a French Kitchen Adventure 

Kate Hill is a writer and cook living in Gascony, France. She holds cooking classes at her farmhouse in Camont and

Nice Daily Photo

Italy:  Lucillian Delights

Morocco:  My Marrakesh

Japan- Hyotenka

 Blogs by Days of the Week:   Daily Memes

 Monday-         Blue Monday Letter Game by Smiling Salley

Tuesday –        Ruby Tuesday

                              Show Your World Tuesday by That’s My World

Wednesday- Watery Wednesday



Friday                         Skywatch Friday

                                       Fairy tale Friday by Wisteria and Roses

Saturday                     Pink Saturday

Sunday                          Scenic Sunday

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