South Jersey Museum of American History

There’s an Antique toy train exhibit from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm today and ends February 5, 2015.
For history buffs, there’s a eclectic variety of subjects to view.

Event: Antique Toy Train show, today 1:00-5:00 pm and ends February 1, 2015.
Also, Glass from Pa, NJ, Florida and Georgia, Pre-Columbian: the Paleo- Indian through the late Woodland periods 15,000 yrs of tool evolution, artifacts from ghost towns ( Washington, Oswego, Friendship, Quakerbridge), farm equipment, Colonial , and Pine Barrens.

Although I have not yet visited this museum, I’m thinking this would be a fun thing, for families, home-school children, to coincide with American History.

As I sit reading about this museum in the ” Ticket section of the Star Ledger, while in my Living Room, although cozy on a Wintry Saturday, I’m ready to put on my winter boots and take a drive to explore.

Collingswood, Spend a Saturday in July to visit this wonderful town in Jersey!!!

A must see on. Saturday is the town  of Collingswood, a great place to get out and enjoy the fresh air, wearing comfy shoes to walk and explore the many blocks of intriqing places.

One place you must visit if you live in Jersey or near Philly is The town of Collingswood. It is Main Street, USA.

What are the draws? I’m sharing my thoughts, perhaps you would like to see it yourself.

It has been a tradition, I learned, for many years there is a farmer’s market, with representatives of many New Jersey farms selling their fresh produce.
Are you wanting something that you rarely find in a supermarket grocery store?
Zucchini blossoms, no problem.

Arts and Culture:
” Second Saturday Event”
Tonight, the town is having a special event from 6:00 to 9:00 pm , ” A Free Open Air Arts Walk.
On every block of Haddon Avenue, Art and music will be on display.
Dozens of one night exhibitions of jewelers, potters, painters, crafters and artists.
Retailers will offer deals, giveaways and discounts on services.


Antiques abound. It is fun to walk along Haddon Avenue and explore. My favorite place is a cottage, set back from the main road called,” The Painted Cottage”, the owners collect antique furniture, and refinish in white paint, or aqua, silver, pink or sage colors.   In past visits, I’ve dreamed of buying an antique dresser or dressing table/ vanity or wooden desk and satisfied my want by photographing the pretty images. This old style wooden furniture was designed with elaborate carvings that you seldom find in the Big Box type Furniture Stores.

There’s another favorite antique store that I love to browse with my husband. In the display window, the last time we went, there was a small slate board, antique, written in white chalk were the words, ” The First I- Pad”. We smiled and pointed it out and I remarked that as a child, I drew on a handheld chalkboard just like that one. In fact, I still have it!!!

The Restaurants

What to choose is the question. There’s Thai, Latin American, Asian Fusion, Japanese, Mexican, two Indian , American, ” The Pop Shop”, for fountain sodas, shakes, burgers, and belly busting breakfasts, along with several Italian restaurants.

In a review on, a few write of ” That’s Amore” serving a delicious meal called, ” Sunday Gravy made up of meatballs, pork and sausage and a rich red gravy. Growing up in my house, both of my parents referred to mom’s homemade as Sauce of which I have her recipe posted on this blog.

Hurricane Sandy, my story

Hurricane Sandy: Monday October 29, 2012

Well, here’s my story,

It’s 7:00pm and our electric power is out.  I’ll backtrack from here to the start of the day.

Despite Governor’s Christy’s persistent warnings to all New Jersey residents to stay home Monday morning, I went into work because I am a  Registered Nurse with the Blood Center of New Jersey.

I had set the alarm for 4:44am in order to leave my house at 0:630 am. I looked out the window thinking it’s not raining yet but I can hear the rustle of the wind in the trees.  ( last evening, on, the forecast said rain both in my town and Parsippany from 6 am to 9 am, a Squalls from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m, heavy rains from 4:00 p.m).  I knew I had to go to work nevertheless this scared me. ” How was I going to drive home I asked myself”, and prayed.

Breakfast was as usual for the early shift, my sweet husband makes oatmeal with cinnamon and banana slices and a cup of English breakfast tea. to go.

Once in my car,  for once the roads on a Monday morning were without rush-hour traffic.

Once at work, I busied myself in the Quality Control preparations and forms to be completed before the first Platelet donors arrive at 0:730 am.  Donna S. was my Apheresis technician. One of the two appointments came in at 0:730 am, a triple platelet donor.  Once checking the Parsippany donor center voice mail, I learned that a frequent donor, Claude D. was available: I called him at 0:820 a.m. and he was here it seemed within minutes.  Donna put him on the Amicus machine, knowing that two 09:45 am donors were due in.  Our Boss, Jerry was calling on the phone and I relayed the same about adding donors in this morning slots. (appointments).  Just as my boss informed me that East Orange was trying to move the 7:15 and 7:30 donors , from the large glass windows I see an Apheresis donor Nadine K. It was 09:50 a.m.

I said, ” Look what the wind blew in ,” I added, ” I get to say that today”, I giggle to Nadine. She said, “yes. That’s right”, as she filled out her forms.

My boss called again to say that My team member , Dawn H. is coming  in to work because they’re asking as many donors as they can to come in earlier. Dawn arrived at 10:30am . Dawn with her pleasant demeanor said that she was just eating breakfast when Jerry asked her to come down to Parsippany to help with the Apheresis donors. ” I know that you came quick “, I said , “You didn’t have time to tie your hair back like you had it yesterday”. She looked at me and smiled, and left the room returning in a few minutes.

We finished all of the donors at 2:00pm, and was told that the pick-up was at 2:30pm.  After 2:30pm, still not here, so I called, and Asked if I was to be here “all by my lonesome?”.  Jack, Traffic Manager called me back and said that Mike B. was on his way in a couple of minutes.  I called Mike on his cellphone  and he said, ” 20 minutes more, then he said, ” I’m closer than that, I was joking’.  He’s been working with me a long time, we’re both at the Blood center over fifteen years.

Once I set out on the road, I took the following route on the advise of one of our apheresis donors that Route 287 would have too many “cross-winds blowing, Sandy will blow your car all over the road.” I took Route  287 to Rt 24 to Rt 78 to  the Parkway entering at  exit 141.  The roads were empty, I was not surprised and the wind was blowing my car.  It’s a good thing that the rain was not heavy just yet.  I called my husband on my cell phone.  He said that he was on his way home from work as well  and  by our house it was raining heavier.


Once I got home and parked the car, before getting out , I snapped a few photos; I wanted to capture the essence of the hurricane at home. Then I was warmly greeted by my husband. “Here”, handing him the camera, Please video me with my work schedule in hand, Ocober 29, 2012 for RDC/Parsippany with a note taped onto the page for the directions of a different route home.”. He then video the trees surrounding our court.

As i got out I spoke to my neighbor.

Using my ingrained Girl Scout skills with the motto ingrained in my head , “Be Prepared”, I thought< ” there’s things i want done before the power goes out. Will likely lose power by8:00PM.

My priorities , Boil some water for a cup of tea, hot coca and cookies, cut up some fresh carrots and cook them up to eat for the next few days. Wash laundry (pj’s ,socks, and necessities) at the very least.

I got changed into comfy clothes.

While I write this , I have my Dollar store mini Booklight in hand.  The power has been out since 6:30pm. I hear the closed front door shift ever so slightly from the strong winds. Then eerily I hear the same from the Patio door over and over.

To Be Continued>*****



I was upstairs on the computer, when the electric power went out at 06:30 p.m.  Coincidentally ,I had just read on “” that Mary J. Bianchi ‘s power was out in Pennsylvania.   I should have known that we were going to be next.  In the dark, I got up from the computer and walked into the hallway and stood by the Guest bathroom doorway which has white moulding that I could just barely see in the darkness.  Pat was downstairs ,got the flashlight and came upstairs to get me.

Luckily, just moments before, Pat had put our dinner plates into the microwave.  While I was sitting on the couch with a flashlight in hand, I said to Pat, ” why are you opening the microwave oven ‘s door?”. He said, ” Our dinner is in there.”  For dinner that evening, we had warmed up ” stuffed cabbage and mashed sweet potatoes  from the Pa. Dutch market and some of my fresh boiled carrots, tender, yum.

I next went to the clothes dryer to check on the clothes that I had put in the dryer.  Thank God most everything was dry except for a few socks which I hung on the clothes rod to air dry.

At 7:00 p.m. with my cell phone I had called my mom’s house to tell mom and Nina that our power was out.  I gently explained to get ready for a power failure, ” Line up your sweaters and warm clothes and get a hat to wear to bed”.  My sister, Nina, said, ” why now?, I can see my winter hats.” I said, ” Because if the power goes out, you won’t be able to see in the dark.” ” Oh’, she said. She put the phone down and quickly returned with her P.J.’s on and long clouds robe and winter hat.  Mom, got on the phone to talk to me, and I advised to get the flashlight by the desk in the living room. ( we had made sure that their flashlight had batteries and extra batteries on the desk mas well.)  She went to the desk, and said, ” It doesn’t work”. Pat spoke to my mom and said “It works, try the switch.” . I hung up.I continued to write this story by the bright light of my mini booklight while siting on the couch.   At 7:20P.M. I decided to call mom back.  Mom answered the phone and said ,” the power is out”.  My sister came to the phone, she said, ” It’s dark, I can’t see to take my medicine”.  “Go to the desk and try the flashlight again.” I said.  She got the flashlight to work.  Nina said, ” There’s not T.V.” Yes, with the power out, there’s no t.v. , ” I’ll go to bed”. From my end of the receiver, I hear them talking as they walk by the phone. After shouting into my phone several times, I hung up, trying their cell phone, but it went to voice mail because it was not turned on.

It’s 8:40 p.m.

I just finished reading out loud the first part of my story to Pat.   While I was reading, I’ll describe the sounds I heard from Hurricane Sandy.

Pat, ” It’s the wind”.  “Sing , “The answer my friend is  Blowing like the wind”.  What song is that?” I said.  Pat, ” A church song”. I thought of the Bob Dylan song.  Pat sang, ” Love is flowing like a river.” Pat yawns loudly.  Then pat said, ” Whispering Woods is doing more than whispering tonight, It’s Roaring.”  Ha ha, I laugh.

The wind outside sounds like this. Seemingly endless rolling in waves like the oceans.  There was one huge, swift rustling sound after another, and another. Alternatively, the inside of the house, the front door creaks as it gently is pushed by the breeze.   No’ “I’m not scared”. ” Although , this could be recorded for a great scary movie.”  Sitting on the floral couch in the living room, the only light now is the jar candle with ocean blue scent.and this small mini book light. in which I’m using to both write and read this aloud.

Stay Tuned.  ****

9:20pm H. Sandy sounds. Standing in our Master bathroom, the wind storm just made the sound as if a train rushed by loudly heard despite my husbands’ battery operated electric toothbrush in use.  ‘Oh” , I say, ” Wow” hear that.  Pat said, ” Roaring and whistling through the trees, rushing like waves”, gently softly spoken by Pat.

09:30 p.m  “It’s time to say goodnight.  I hope mom and Nina stay safe through the night.”

Going up in a Hot air Balloon at the Fair-Skywatch Friday

Yesterday was opening day at the Hunterdon County 4-H and agricultural  Fair. “What language did you just speak?” the  hot air balloon man said as I climbed into with first one foot, then another (Ha, Ha, Ha). What I was really saying very fast was,  “I’m feel like I’m an Olympic athlete  (thinking gymnastics-pommel horse) trying to the climb up into this thing.”  First, I put one foot up, then I quickly (split second) realized, my best way was to get on my knees (the leather edges of the balloon’s basket were very soft), hold on to the ropes, and hoist myself up, and then step down. “Hooray, I’m in.”  All of this happened very fast. The prior riders had to stay inside the balloon’s basket to provide weight until both my husband and then I got in.  My husband is taller, so he practically stepped in with ease.

Let me backtrack to the beginning.

As soon as we parked the car, and started to walk along the gravel road, a rep from the balloon company asked us if we wanted to try the Hot Air Balloon ride.  I asked, “How long are you up there?” He said, “About 30 seconds, then the balloon slowly comes down.  Pat is always game to try new things, and said, “Yes, we’ll do it!”, and the man said to gather over there to wait.  I’ll get in line, but there’s still time to change my mind, I thought. There was hardly a line.

I’ll have to say that the hardest part was climbing into the hot air balloon basket!!! I had imagined that it might feel like a giant rocking chair swaying in the sky to the wind’s, I was hoping, gentle breeze.  To my amazement,  I was correct. Of course, this was a trial, and the hot air balloon was tied securely on three sides to three heavy pick-up trucks.

Hot Air Balloon at the Hunterdon County fair

I was holding on to the camera, and my husband asks, “Have you taken a picture yet?” No, I say, as I’m clutching very tightly to the camera string, I might drop it. “Pass it to me,” he says. So here’s my picture too.

I’m up in the hot air balloon, “Smile for the camera”!

Would you like to see how enormous the fair is?  This is the “bird’s-eye view”!!

A “bird’s-eye” view or “hot air balloon eye”-view of the Fair!!

Look at all those tents, red and white striped ones, and there’s an enormous amusement ride to the right of the photo.

Can you see the heavy ropes secured to both the hot air balloon basket and the two pick-up trucks?

Hot air balloon and the cable and ropes.

In the photo above, there is one of the pick-up trucks, a dark green truck that the hot air balloon is secured to with cable lines.

The balloon company workers are wearing the light blue tee shirts.  Very nice and helpful guys.  You must listen and follow their instructions of when to climb in and when to climb out of the balloon’s basket.   They are pretty strong, too, when my mother had her turn in the hot air balloon, they lifted her out of the basket.

a view inside the hot air balloon!

Of course, I zoomed in , while standing on the ground to get this shot of the interior of the balloon.  While I was on the hot air balloon, it was exactly that , Hot!!!!  , I felt the heat, but I didn’t look up!

Here’s the Hot Air balloon company ‘s mascot

 In Flight Balloon adventures is the name of the company.

This little dog was so cute, and very friendly to us.  He was well trained to stay inside the pick-up truck, too.

Let’s get our walking shoes on and get this party started.

Here’s me with one of the llamas!!

Did you know that llamas are used on farms as guard animals, “guard Llamas” .  They protect against  wild  coyotes.    I can see why, these animals seem cuddly cute but they are very tall compared to a sheep.

This teen is showing this llama in Dressage and an obstacle course on Saturday night.

two 4-H ‘ers at the entrance to the The cow barn!

Come on, we’re going to take a little closer look at the cows!  Cows are my favorite farm animal!! You can call me cow paparazzi!!

Cows at the Hunterdon county fair.

There is a tent where judging of the cows take place as well.

Cow and the pink sign above has birthdate info.

the cow’ s name is ” Layla and is one years old.

 " Think it, Love it, Do it, Live it  "

4-H sign, ” Think it, Love it, Do it, Live it “in the sheep barn

Do you know the 4-H Pledge?

I pledge

my head to clearer thinking.

My heart to greater loyalty

my hands to larger service

and my health to better living

for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

“It is a common practice to involve hand motions to accompany these spoken words. While reciting the first line of the pledge, the speaker will point to their head with both of their hands. As the speaker recites the second line, they will place their right hand over their heart, much like during the Pledge of Allegiance. For the third line, the speaker will present their hands, palm side up, before them. For the fourth line, the speaker will motion to their body down their sides. And for the final line, the speaker will usually place their right hand out for club, left hand for community, bring them together for country, and then bring their hands upwards in a circle for world.”

(from Wikipedia).

Both my sister an I belonged to 4_H clubs from the age of 9 years through high school; each year, we  entered our cooking and sewing projects  and in our teen years did twirling demos and competitions.

Revisiting winter2009-Walking through a Winter Wonderland

Watch the snowglobe slowly turn, as you hear the familiar Christmas tune.  I start to hum the music, and my hubby then sings the words to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Yes, I’m “saving” this video baby!; As I woke up this morning and walked into the room with the Old desktop, I find my Sweetie sitting at the “puter”, reviewing video files and saying I’m going to Delete this one.  Oh NO, that’s you singing.  I’ve got a personal YouTube site that I need to upload there first and on this blog.  So Here it is!  Or at least I hope it uploaded.

I’ll Post Snow pictures from January 2009- At a little snow for an AUgust morning to look at.

Winter snow at the dairy farm along So. Middlebush Rd.

Cows  in the snow!!

Happy Monday

Happy Monday folks. I got up early to see the sunrise from my bedroom window, although it had already taken place, the sky was clear and cloudless and I could see the moon.

We have sweet gum trees in our yard and around the pathways of the neighbors. Normally, I think that they are an annoyance because when the gum tree’s pods fall they are scattered about and I find myself scuffing them out of the way.

With my camera, I capture the beauty of the tree and the pods hangings individually from the branches. Recently at the Philadelphia Flower show, an winning artist in craft design with plants had utilized three gum tree pods in a design form that won first place for that category. ( I’ll post that photo later).

One quarter moon waning, looking above the sweet gum tree.

Bridgeton,New Jersey hosts Holiday House Tour on December 5, 2009

home on W. Commerce Street

Historic Bridgeton, New Jersey is hosting a Holiday house tour on Saturday, December 5, 2009, and I’m excited because I’ve got the weekend off.
There also will be a Festival of Lights at Sunset Lake both on Friday, December 4,2009 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Saturday December 5th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

We visited this quaint city earlier this year in the spring and I was delighted to photograph such beautifully preserved homes.

One resident even invited us into his home when he saw us taking photos of his home. A musician for many years, he played a song for us on his grand piano. The CD he recorded is also in a photo. This was the first time we learned of the Christmas House tour in December, his home being amongst the homes on tour.
I said, it would depend on the weather as many a time in December there has been snowstorms.

Franklin Street, Bridgeton

Franklin Street, Bridgeton

a view down W. Commerce Street.
a view down W. Commerce Street.
W. Commerce Street

W. Commerce Street

W. Commerce Street
W. Commerce Street137 W. Commerce Street

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Bridgeton historically has the oldest business district in the state of New Jersey. There’s a free zoo, and in a nearby town is Wheaton Village- Glass works, with a studio for apprenticeships, shops and museum includes the world’s largest glass bottle in the Guinness book of records.

Princeton University in the snow

"looking through the Princeton U. gate

"looking through the Princeton U. gate

"Lady in Red"
“Lady in Red”

Ruby Tuesday #1: