Happy New Year!

What are your traditions to ring in the New Year?

On my years, we spend the day in Philadelphia, to watch the Mummers. There is a parade outdoors all day, and many string band performers and Mummers ‘ clowns in the parade, but we prefer the indoor show at the Convention Center by The Fancy Brigades. it starts officially at 12 :00 p.m., arrive earlier and you get to do the Philly ” strut” aback and forth motion with you feet, with one of the Fancy Brigade captains leading the guests. We missed this portion this year.  Better yet, I got to try on the sequined costumes from prior years’ performances.  For those moments , I almost felt like a kid again playing dress up.   Further down in the post, I will share Some Mummer’s photos.  please come back to visit my blog.

Do you make resolutions?

I had a very busy year for 2013, taking care of members of my family that live in another town, so for thus year, my wish is that  I can handle all the challenges that come my way.  I hope to get the chance to use the gift  card That I got last year for a local spa.  I spend most of my days off at my mom’s house.

Trying on a prior year's Mummer sequined costume

Trying on a prior year’s Mummer sequined costume


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