Flag Day is celebrated on June 14., and Philadelphia’s Constitution Center

Today is Flag Day. What does that mean? To me, as an American, everyday is the day to celebrate and display our American flag.

And I do. In my own way. My garden has American flags waving proudly among my summer flowers. When I plant my flower garden, The colors I choose are red, white and blue. Red geraniums, white , and blue ageratums.

My front door welcomes you with a homemade hanging sign in the shape of an American flag; it is old, In fact my family made it at a craft project at my hometown library several years ago, and I still display it. It has ribbons, and during the year I drape it on the edge of my plant stand in the kitchen. Whenever I’m cooking, reading one of my cookbook collection or gazing out the sliding door’s window, I am reminded of our Freedom, I jotted notes about it a couple of weeks ago while at the Princeton Public Library.

Freedom to read almost anything out there that is published.  It was a real eye-opening moment when I came across a book last month,

Flag Day at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA

Flag Day at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA

that a writer attempt to describe what it is like in out her countries.  Found the book in the Princeton Public library, was so interesting, that I jotted down.

History of Flag Day:

A celebration of the adoption of the Continental Congress to adopt the flag June 14, 1777.

Resolved that the flag be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white, thirteen stars.

Although for 200 years, the American flag was flown on public buildings, and in several small cities, Flag day wasn’t  officially recognized until President Harry Truman signed it into law in 1949.

Nearby Philadelphia’s Constitution center is having Flag Day celebration, opening early at 0930 am with reduced admission price of $5.00 sponsored by Macy’s ( Department store. )  At 10:30 am on the front lawn is a 50 star grand flag raising and a parade to Independence Mall.

Betsy Ross, the birthplace of the American Flag is open today, the 13 star flag raising.

There is a ” Stars and Stripes” Community fair 09:00 to 3:00 pm at a Independence Mall.

Celebrate Flag Day!!

Spring, and gardening

Last weekend , we bought two tomato plants from a close by gardening supply store, along with a container of Pansies in hues of purple. 

Monday started out as a rain filled day, so shortly after I arrived home in the evening,7:30 pm, my husband went outside in his yellow wind breaker jacket to plant the two tomato plants and the oregano plant as well.  That evening, I asked, is it easier to dig when the soil is still wet from the rain? Yes, he said. 

Surprise. Yesterday ( Tuesday ) ,was a beautiful sunny day, once my days’ appointments completed, I came outside in the early evening to enjoy some cool spring air while sitting at the patio table with dinner.  This is what I observed in my little garden beside the patio. The three silver metal tomato cages are evenly spaced in the ground , however, both of the tomatoe plants leaves are drooping; I will playPost it day by day, to see if somehow that they revive     .

We might have to start over with new plants.


2013 appeared to be a bad year for tomato plants. Purchasing the greenhouse grown tomato plants from varied sellers, it was common, due to a wet and rainy early spring, that the plants failed to thrive.

In conversations with many people at work who are garden ers, that it was a poor production year for tomatoes.

I yielded one or 2 tomatoes per 3 plants.

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