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During the dog days of summer, two pooches enjoy a cool boat ride on the channel near Pt Pleasant!


Paddle Boarding along the inlet by Pt. Pleasant


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I had such fun spotting water -themed pictures for the meme , “Watery Wednesday, that I was surprised when I googled that the group is no longer active  😦    But will have fun with Outdoor Wednesday!

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday #163

This week, I’ll continue showing photographs of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

At the towns ‘  Christkindlmart, there was an outdoor display on Ice Carving.  We had a chance to watch the man carving with electric tools and a hand chisel.

“Ice Carving” in progress!

Oh, look , “it’s a Ice Christmas Tree complete with star!

A captive audience , the ice is melting as it’s carved.

“Chair, Anyone!!!”

Do you want your picture taken in the thrown? Ohh , that’s a cold seat!!! I saw a piece of cardboard to sit on, though.

Ice Carving in progress

Simply, an Ice angel!

Here’s Snoopy!

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Watery Wednesday #156

Seagulls at the beach on Sanibel Island

Hello everyone.  Wednesday is the day to share with the world your photo with a “water” theme.

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I’m going back in time for this photo.  It was in 2005, during our honeymoon.  October is fast approaching and we’ll be celebrating six years married.

Double click with your mouse to enlarge the photo.   That’s me in the pink shirt , shell seeking.  There were it seemed thousands of beautiful shells, conches, ladyslipper to name a few.

Watery Wednesday #142

There's a pair of pink Flamingos forming a heart among this social soiree.

Now with the weather finally warming up like summer, I’m wishing that we were back in Florida.  This photo was  taken at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando , Florida.   One of these days,  it will be time to plan another trip to Florida.

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Watery Wednesday #120


During winter's snow imagine warm watery breezes on a spring day at Disney's Epcot park!

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Delaware & Raritan Canal State park- Frozen edges










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Watery Wednesday – Lake Carnegie

early morning fishing from the lake's pier,... serene scene

Ducks, Carnegie Lake

Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J.       “Canadian Geese”

This video captures a serene morning by the lake  recorded on World Water Day.

oops, will have to try to upload video another day.

Watery Wednesday #101

Hello everyone. Today is Watery Wednesday. I’m joining the water-themed meme. http://waterywednesday.blogspot.com

Sunrise on the beach, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Seagulls on the rocks near Cape Elizabeth and Wood Island, Maine

We drove to this area, Cape Elizabeth to see just  one of the many lighthouses in Maine.  This photo was taken from the road to the east of where we wanted to be.  To see the lighthouse on Wood Island, there is a Bird Sanctuary that you hike in for a short time to reach the edge of the rocky coast and at last view the picturesque lighthouse from afar.

This is the path and if you peer closely you will notice the lighthouse in the distance.  And there’s someone returning from his leisurely hike along the Ocean’s edge.

There are huge, craggy rocks along the coastline here.

relaxing, these are wondrous rocks.

Watery Wednesday

Kaboom Fest 2010 on the Navesink river;the barge for fireworks in the distance


Time for a splashy ,watery  photo view; It’s Watery Wednesday. 

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Watery Wednesday

Lobster trap, on board the scenic lobster boat tour

Kennebunkport, Maine


A scenic lobster boat tour was one of the excursions that we did in Kennebunkport.   It is a 1 1/2 hour boat ride during which you will see how “world famous” Maine lobster is harvested and have a glimpse of  the former President  Bush’s summer home, and the Seals black “Secret  Service ” boat. ( one may  say, boat -body guards).

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday: at the Philadelphia Zoo
These are photos with a watery theme, however when we arrived at the Polar Bear exhibit we didn’t see him at first.   Looking through the glass window, when we turned our heads to the left , there the Polar bear was ……..sleeping Polar Bear dreams.

The polar bear dreams, he's not in his pool.

Polar bear’s pool, he’s sleeping on the side (not in pic)
Tiger gets a drink in his pool
Big Cats are my favorite!

River otters swim

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