World Blood Donation Day, June 14 2017

World Blood Donation day 2017 was celebrated today at Central Jersey Blood center.

One pint Saves  THREE  LIVES ! 

 As a Registered Nurse, working there, I was proud to see the team spirit    and expertise as everyone worked together to draw many donors both whole blood and platelets. The local community responded to celebrate World Blood Donation day in high numbers. 

It’s Blood Donor month in January

Tracie and William are both collecting blood at the Masons in Westfield Blood Drive.

I just saw on this mornings news that it is National Blood Donor month.  The Pelican Ski ,  shop is participating by offering all donors free “Ski Lift tickets or snow board ticket ” from January 1 to January 31st 2012  in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Bring your proof of donation letter to any Pelican Ski shop for your free rental certificate until February 5, 2012.  See Pelican ‘s web site for all Blood Donation locations.

My husband is a regular blood donor at the place I work at, the Blood Center of New Jersey.

Patrick Riordan donates blood! You can save 3 lives by donating one pint!

Grace Riordan, R.N. is packing the Platelet products  for Field  Apheresis located at Wayne Health Dpt.

Team Leaders, Grace Riordan, R.N. and Angelique Crisciolo, R.N. at the Blood Center of New Jersey , Parsippany location.

Labor Day Weekend-Donate a pint of blood (Donate sangue)

Consider taking time out to donate a pint of blood this weekend or anytime after. Donate a pint of blood and save a life.
For Blood Donation sites in your area, check on-line or the yellow pages.
Please send comments if and where you donated.

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