Ruby Tuesday

Red light! Let's stop and watch the train pass, an everyday life's moment.t

Ruby Tuesday

Antique red mill along the frozen Delaware-Raritan river










Today is 1-11-11,    what fun in writing this date all day at work!


Happy Ruby Tuesday, share your photos of red on

what fun in writing this date all day at work!

Ruby Tuesday

This year's theme is "Trained to Perform" for Fancy Brigade Team- Golden Crown

Display your photos with red color for the  the photo meme called  Ruby Tuesday, hosted by

The  city of Philadelphia is has a huge celebration put on by the Mummer’s each year on New Year’s day.   The above photo was taken at the Philadelphia Convention center where  ten clubs that belong to the Fancy Brigade division perform.  Every year, the clubs select a new theme and over the months they meet to build new advanced props on wheels and practice  their routines.

This show is all about costumes in bright colors, sequins, feathers,  and  dance routines  performed to music called the Mummer’s Strut.  It is quite entertaining and lively.

In the above  photo is the Golden Crown club performing with a circus theme called ” Trained To Perform”.  This circus features only the animals.  The Big Cats, Monkeys, Elephant, Horses, zebras, and Bears are all the Mummers in costume.  The Ring Master is the King of the Jungle- a Lion, performed by the Captain of the Golden Crown club.

Next time for Ruby Tuesday, I will post another club’s photos that have a red theme, and for Blue Monday, the blue colored characters.

SHiny red and gold balls decorate the trees along the avenue in Phillly

Ruby Tuesday

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Winter brings the Holiday season , and I’m joining Mary The Teach at    to share a little ruby color for Ruby Tuesday.

As a girl, I recall my grandmother’s small white Christmas tree which she decorated with shiny glass ornaments and pretty little birds that clipped on the branches.   On my Christmas tree, can you find the red cardinal?


Christmas Greetings!

This a favorite painted snowman ornament, actually a little too big for the Christmas tree.  Beneath it are two hand-made Christmas stockings of holly print and  a red and white print.  Can you find the Santa’s?

Christmas caroling was a lot of fun last year at this chapel.  After participating in a  sing-a-long  with a choir of religious  music and Hymns from five different countries inside the chapel, we were all given small white candles that were lit and joined in some Christmas carols together.

Joy To the World…….


Candles' all aglow in the night while we sing!








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Ruby Tuesday

As a fan of Disney World, Do you remember the Disney stars and Motor Cars parade?

Mickie and Minnie were riding in a real 1929 Cadillac car.

Mulan's car and Chinese umbrella

I’m sharing my photos of Red on  this weekly meme hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet.


Tuesdays are the day to share your photos in shades of red.

This is a photo of my red tomatoes on the last day of August.

On my previous post, I displayed red photos along with my mother’s recipe for marinara sauce for Foodie Friday.

Here is the link, for more red photos of mine.

the link is:

"Summer's bounty"-tomatoes

Ruby Tuesday-July 12, 2010


Philadelphia Museum of Art, and red cab awaits a tourist.














I’m joining work of the poet with a photo or two with a red theme.  Save the best for last. 

One of the current  Exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Now Through September 6, 2010
Late Renoir follows the renowned painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir through the final—and most fertile and innovative—decades of his career. At the height of his creative powers and looking toward posterity, Renoir created art that was timeless, enticing, and worthy of comparison to the greatest of the old masters, such as Raphael, Titian, and Rubens.
While walking through the exhibit the use of cameras and cell phones are not allowed.
The photo below of one of Renoir’s paintings is from the Philadelphia museum of Art ‘s website.
Girl Tatting       c.1906
Philadelphia Museum of Art’s history:

 The Philadelphia Museum of Art stands as one of the great art institutions of the world. In the over 125 years since its founding, it has grown far beyond the limits originally set for it. Today, the Museum houses over 225,000 works of art encompassing some of the greatest achievements of human creativity, and offers a wealth of exhibitions and educational programs for a public of all ages. 

Historically, the Museum was a legacy of the great Centennial Exposition of 1876 held in Fairmount Park. In March 1873, an act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature set in motion plans for the construction of Memorial Hall—a permanent building to be designed by Hermann J. Schwarzmann—which was to serve as the art gallery of the exposition. At the conclusion of the Centennial celebrations, Memorial Hall was to remain open as a Museum of Art and Industry “for the improvement and enjoyment of the people of the Commonwealth.” 

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