Mellow Yellow Monday


MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY, this week occurs during Easter’s holy week.

Here  is a photo of an Easter basket that my husband and I put together for a young child for our community that is receiving by way of our church’s ministry program.

A peep of yellow among the colors of Easter!

Easter basket

I’m participated in the meme called “Mellow Yellow Monday at

Monday February 22,2010 Blue Monday & Mellow Yellow Monday

I look out my window and I still see snow.   It is about 12 days since the northeast had the Blizzard or Nor’easter and there is still plenty of snow on the ground. 

snow in my backyard beyond a basketful of blueberries

There are many other Blue Monday memes photographs to look at . at the website: 

Today is also Mellow Yellow Monday meme.

Mellow Yellow Monday-my half of the banana.

“Why did you take this picture?,my husband said completely puzzled one day as he downloaded the photos.  

I said, ” I wanted to capture an everyday moment.”   When I come down to the kitchen for breakfast , this is what I’ll find on the kitchen counter. Sharing a banana between the two of us for breakfast with our cereal.   By this time, he’s already left for work.

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