Happy Friday June 04, 2010

Ferris Wheel at the Sussex Fair August 2009Season 4 Episode   57

Dreaming of a carefree day, imagine   a moment to enjoy the carnival rides.  

Which one would you choose?

Happy Friday!


Summer clouds and lifeguards at the beach


Please join in the fun of this meme for Friday.

Friday Fill-Ins:

1.  Chicken, pickles, potato salad, and watermelon is the best food to take on a picnic.

2.  Summer felt like it was here on Wednesday (in the 90’s), is a time to enjoy simple pleasures, watch the garden grow-tomatoes, splash in the pool, eat watermelon, feel the grass beneath your feet.

3.  I like to wear flip-flops.

4.  To love someone is a joyful experience.

5.    To walk going to a store from your house is not a good idea, because of the busy highway to cross, prefer to drive.

6.    When I crave food it’s usually sour, like pickles or green olives with the pimento.

7.  And as for the week-end, Today is my day off, both Saturday and Sunday ,I am working – grilling on the BBQ for dinner,  but Monday is a Holiday and day off, thinking of going to the Tour De Somerville Bike races to watch.

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