Collingswood, Spend a Saturday in July to visit this wonderful town in New Jersey!!!

A must see on a Saturday is the town of Collingswood, a great place to get out and enjoy the fresh air, wearing comfy shoes to walk and explore the many blocks of intriqing places.

One place you must visit if you live in New Jersey or near Philly is The town of Collingswood. It is Main Street, USA.

What are the draws? I’m sharing my thoughts, perhaps you would like to see it yourself.

It has been a tradition, I learned, for many years that there is a farmer’s market, with representatives of many New Jersey farms selling their fresh produce.
Are you wanting something that you rarely find in a supermarket grocery store?
One of the vendors sells Zucchini blossoms.

Arts and Culture:
” Second Saturday Event”
Tonight, the town is having a special event from 6:00 to 9:00 pm , ” A Free Open Air Arts Walk”.
On every block of Haddon Avenue, Art and music will be on display.
Dozens of one night exhibitions of jewelers, potters, painters, crafters and artists.
Retailers will offer deals, giveaways and discounts on services.


Antiques abound. It is fun to walk along Haddon Avenue and explore. My favorite place is a cottage, set back from the main road called,” The Painted Cottage”, the owners collect antique furniture, and refinish in white paint, or aqua, silver, pink or sage colors.   In past visits, I’ve dreamed of buying an antique dresser or dressing table/ vanity or wooden desk and satisfied my want by photographing the pretty images. This old style wooden furniture was designed with elaborate carvings that you seldom find in the Big Box type Furniture Stores.

There’s another favorite antique store that I love to browse with my husband. In the display window, the last time we went, there was a small slate board, antique, written in white chalk were the words, ” The First I- Pad”. We smiled and pointed it out and I remarked that as a child, I drew on a handheld chalkboard just like that one. In fact, I still have it!!!

The Restaurants

What to choose is the question. There’s Thai, Latin American, Asian Fusion, Japanese, Mexican, two Indian , American, ” The Pop Shop”, for fountain sodas, shakes, burgers, and belly busting breakfasts, along with several Italian restaurants.

In a review on, a few write of ” That’s Amore” serving a delicious meal called, ” Sunday Gravy made up of meatballs, pork and sausage and a rich red gravy. Growing up in my house, both of my parents referred to mom’s homemade as Sauce of which I have her recipe posted on this blog.

Collingswood, Arts and Crafts Street Fair

 Collingswood, Arts and Crafts Street Fair

So much to see, browse or buy!

Today is the Collingswood   Crafts and Fine Arts festival/ street fair. 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Awesome! Food will be available called “Cafe Dining” featuring cuisines of Italian, seafood, Asian-fusion, Mexican, And All -American , and Nostalgic soda dispensed in tin cups.  Also, every Saturday from early Am to 1200 noon is the Farmers Market.

Two necklaces that I bought there two yrs ago are still my favorite, so sweet, these are made out of a bottlecap, in which I choose ocean theme , one of tiniest seahorse in sand, and the second assorted tiny seashells,”my own little beach on a chain”.  Definitely will be keeping an eye out for this display today. A wide range of themes  were designed, including individual letters, also occupations.

Here's bottlecap Jewelry! Sweet!

Here’s bottlecap Jewelry! Sweet!

Collingswood Farmers market, every Saturday 8 to 12

Collingswood Farmers market, every Saturday 8 to 12

Farmers Market, fresh from the farms……. corn on the cob, green peppers,tomatoes,  and Zuchhini Flowers, greens, herbs, basil, oregano, and more

Peach Cider, fresh baked muffins and breads, loaves of bread.  There’s a dairy stand, special flavors of cream cheese, …my fav- cirtus cream cheese, uum yum.

Speaking of Crafts, More photos………….

Stained Glass, so beautiful!

Stained Glass, so beautiful!

Stained Glass

Frugal -Shop Smart sidewalk display!

Frugal -Shop Smart sidewalk display!

Crafts and Fine art show, Saturday , August 2oth, 2011Shopping Frugal is a wise practice! Resale items , there’s something for everyone, you just might find that special item. I look for kitchenwares, and cooking tools!, pictures are framed artworks, and a hanging rack of clothes.



Artisan Cheese, and Grass -Fed meats at the Farmers Market…..Home-made Mac and Cheese for purchase.

Whimsical Terracotta Pots with faces

Whimsical Terracotta Pots with faces

These terracotta pots make me laugh, …… shades, …..pucker up!!! L O L.  Useful on a kitchen counter for your kitchen tools, or in the powder-room for toiletries, yoour imagination is limitless.

Artistic work of clay, " E.T. Phone Home!

Artistic work of clay, ” E.T. Phone Home!

E.T.  and many smaller figures.

Great place to bring your dog!

Great place to bring your dog!

Beautiful BIG dogs!


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