Chinese New Year on January 31st.

Chinese New Year is celebrated locally in one of the libraries each year. This year it was at Plainsboro Library.

There are Craft tables set up with volunteers displaying traditional Chinese craft. This year I learned how to do the Chinese knotting technique. The one I made is “Dragonfly “knot in the color purple. It is a tiny keychain holder.

At another table, was Chinese clay design in animal shapes, the animals’s clay was multiple colors in stripe design.

Next, was a table to color Chinese felted bookmarks, with both Chinese characters( letters) and English, for example Happiness, Peace , Love.

There was a Chinese cooking station with samples of Dumplings.

Musical entertainment with children performing on the violins, and the Dragon Line dance demonstration.

THe last was  the Lantern riddles, there were many papers posted on a board with a riddle on each. You have to guess the riddle, if correct, win a child”s prize.  We tried it, being child at heart and answered both correctly. Won a clear blue rock with the word “hope”,and a jade colored keychain.

The photos:  Chinese Dragon fly KnotImage


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