June, It’s been a long time

Hello, blog friends and followers.  How have you been?   It’s been a long time since I blogged. I do still like to write and take pictures, have been doing this all year except other priorities have kept me from downloading photos and writing.

My proclamation:

I, lovesclassics, solemnly swear that I will in the next Six months find time for myself to express and create  on this blog.  I have many more stories to tell about my mom growing up in Pennsylvania. Believe it or it, I still like to jot things down on paper, notebook paper, and like those little pads of ” sticky notes”, I keep yellow and blue ones in the car, just under the dashboard radio. During this hectic life, as I go about my day, when I think of something , or as I get a call, yes I have a fairly new, , gasp new car with” blue tooth” capabilities, , I jot things down  The trick here , is to keep referring to these stickies notes.

Sometimes, you will find me getting out of the car , small purse on right shoulder, and little blue stickie In Hand to ” get what’s on my list” , “” stick to the list, now don’t veer off.  Oh wait,here’s something I need.  Ask yourself,  ” Is it a need? , or , is it a want?.”


Please comment, I love to hear from you!! What do you think?

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