Spring, and gardening

Last weekend , we bought two tomato plants from a close by gardening supply store, along with a container of Pansies in hues of purple. 

Monday started out as a rain filled day, so shortly after I arrived home in the evening,7:30 pm, my husband went outside in his yellow wind breaker jacket to plant the two tomato plants and the oregano plant as well.  That evening, I asked, is it easier to dig when the soil is still wet from the rain? Yes, he said. 

Surprise. Yesterday ( Tuesday ) ,was a beautiful sunny day, once my days’ appointments completed, I came outside in the early evening to enjoy some cool spring air while sitting at the patio table with dinner.  This is what I observed in my little garden beside the patio. The three silver metal tomato cages are evenly spaced in the ground , however, both of the tomatoe plants leaves are drooping; I will playPost it day by day, to see if somehow that they revive     .

We might have to start over with new plants.


2013 appeared to be a bad year for tomato plants. Purchasing the greenhouse grown tomato plants from varied sellers, it was common, due to a wet and rainy early spring, that the plants failed to thrive.

In conversations with many people at work who are garden ers, that it was a poor production year for tomatoes.

I yielded one or 2 tomatoes per 3 plants.

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