Christmas Eve

My husband and I went to Christmas Eve Mass last evening.   During the priest’s Homily, I jotted down some of his words.
The priest began speaking about Joseph and compared him to our lives.
“We have our expectations, but life does not cooperate.” ” Perhaps we had a vision for Christmas, but it’s not turning out how we planned. Think of Joseph! He responded with Compassion toward Mary; Through the angel, he listened and trusted in God. When we have problems, whether work, school, or elsewhere, we trust in God. Use this as an example, put trust in God, for our lives. In tonight”s Gospel story, we heard of the Salvation history. God works through history; God is woven into the fabric of our lives.
This Evening, A New Day has dawned! A New Day Dawns for us when we recognize it. Tonight, We celebrate that “God has loved Us” through Creation. He taught us “How to Love each other and Love God among all things. Tonight marks the Anniversary, We are to realize, he is always with us , Everyday, not just this day, and everyday.

At Augustine of Canterbury church, 010309

St. Augustine of Canterbury church's alter during the Christmas season.

Christ's image is painted on the ceiling at the front of the church.

The Angel!


St. Augustine church- the beautiful view from the back of the church , the entrance.

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