Scenic Sunday and Shadow Shot Sunday

"For there is born to you this day, in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord," Luke 2:11

For Scenic Sunday today, I’ll share with you a local church’s annual Living Nativity.  This takes place in the evening on Friday and Saturday night from 6:00pm. – 9:00pm.

We were first greeted with a warm ” Merry Christmas!” and then directed to the starting point.  A reader of the Gospel began with the first of”  The Christmas Story”.

One of the stations of " the Christmas Story" readers

One of the many volunteers of   Middlebush Reformed church ( the church with the Red door) , escort us to each station  by walking through a path of Luminaries to hear a passage read from ” the Christmas Story”.

Our group listens. There's me with the pink scarf!

The Luminaries light the way.

From the moment you begin you journey of the Christmas Story, these Luminaries light the path that you walk to hear the passages read to you. This place is very beautiful in the darkness of the night.

I just read on their website that this is their 8th or 11th year, and I  sure that we have visited this Living Nativity all the years except one.

Scenic Sunday

for more Scenic Sunday photos , please visit this website.

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