Ruby Tuesday


Swiss United Church of Christ in New Glarus, Wisconsin

This Swiss church is situated on a hill.  I was impressed with the  architecture and the two steeples.  There is a statue of memorial to the First Settlers, with many of their names inscribed in a brick walkway.

Since it was  weekday, we did not get to see the  inside  of the church.  But as the sunset was  fast approaching , we captured this photo.

Glaurner Stube, fine dining and spirits in New Glarus, WI

I like the red brick of this imposing building,  prettily painted Swiss scenes on the outside of the building, and the quaint  hanging sign.  What is  memorable, if you look closeup, is the name of the founder of the building and the year.  This is a piece of history.   I enjoy finding buildings like these.

built 1901, Saloman Stuessy

Reflection! What do you see?


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