Reflections on the 4th of July

While this  past weekend  was filled with a birthday party and visiting the family, Monday was a day to focus on Patriotic  explorations.

a patriotic door on the Morven house, former Governor's residence

First we took a drive to Princeton, to take part in the celebration at the Historic Morven house and museum and gardens.   A July 4th Jubilee Celebration was taking place on the grounds.    Volunteers
were milling about in period costumes.   You could run into “George Washington” and have a chat , and “Molly Pitcher”. There were display tents set up representing  Early Domestic arts including leaf print making, 18th century games, 18th century ice cream making, and spices of the same period- we used our olfactory sense to sample  mace, and other  unheard of spices in today’s times.

a patriotoc lecture on Molly Pitcher, and the lives of the women who "belonged to the army " during the American Revolution.

during the Jubilee, you sign the Declaration of Independence.

Everyone could hold a feather pen and “sign the Declaration of Independence; not the real one, of course.

Inside the Morven house, we  went to the second floor to explore the current exhibit called “the Stars and Stripes, Fabric of the American Spirit”  . This was from the Pearce collection of the American Parade Flags.   There was a time when our ancestors used to write on our American flag.  Here, you could trace the history of our national emblem from it’s  beginnings in 1777 into the twentieth century.

sample of American Parade flags

American Parade flags

The arrangement of the stars on the American flag was not defined for almost 100 years!

The first official Columbus day- 1892 marks the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.

48 Star Red Cross Nurse Flag- carried in 1918 at the end of the World War I

patriotic American flags in the courtyard of Morven

Morven's brick backyard of the gardens


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