Ruby Tuesday

This year's theme is "Trained to Perform" for Fancy Brigade Team- Golden Crown

Display your photos with red color for the  the photo meme called  Ruby Tuesday, hosted by

The  city of Philadelphia is has a huge celebration put on by the Mummer’s each year on New Year’s day.   The above photo was taken at the Philadelphia Convention center where  ten clubs that belong to the Fancy Brigade division perform.  Every year, the clubs select a new theme and over the months they meet to build new advanced props on wheels and practice  their routines.

This show is all about costumes in bright colors, sequins, feathers,  and  dance routines  performed to music called the Mummer’s Strut.  It is quite entertaining and lively.

In the above  photo is the Golden Crown club performing with a circus theme called ” Trained To Perform”.  This circus features only the animals.  The Big Cats, Monkeys, Elephant, Horses, zebras, and Bears are all the Mummers in costume.  The Ring Master is the King of the Jungle- a Lion, performed by the Captain of the Golden Crown club.

Next time for Ruby Tuesday, I will post another club’s photos that have a red theme, and for Blue Monday, the blue colored characters.

SHiny red and gold balls decorate the trees along the avenue in Phillly

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