macaroni schotel

Stuffed vegetable mac n cheese

– 250 gr macaroni, boiled and chill it on room temperature
– 250 gr minced beef (but u also can use minced chicken or sausage or smoked beef)
– 1 pc carrot (or more if u love veggies) and make it in dice shaped
– 500 gr cheese (cheddar, or mozzarella, or maybe Edam, just follow your  choice) and grate it
– 200 gr butter
– 250 cc of fresh milk
– 5 eggs, shake it till lose
– salt and pepper (about 1/2 table-spoon)
– 5 garlic, minced it
– 1 big onion, also minced it
how to make :
1. melt a small amount ( about 1 tbsp) butter, and saute garlic and onions till it smells good (aromatic), then put in the carrot and minced beef.  Add the salt and  pepper, cook it till the meat’s colour changed. and then chill it to room temperature.
2. mix the milk, half of the grated cheese, eggs, whole of the butter, macaroni and the meat (that has been cooked before). stir it until all is spread evenly.
3. then take your  ovenware-(oven-proof casserole dish)  , cover it with the rest of your  butter.  Put all the macaroni batter into the ovenware container. Then put the rest of the cheese on the top.

Bake at 180 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  ( this baking temp may be 350 degrees F.  for USA )

Recipe from Grace Marbun of Indonesia

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