Today is Arbor day!

April 30, 2010: 




Here I am in awe of this tree in the middle of Philadelphia Zoo












Today, I went on a nature walk in Marquand park in Princeton, New Jersey happily taking photos of trees with their labels.   

Marquand park is an aboretum established in the 1880’s first as a private estate and farm ;  In the 1950’s , 15 acres were donated to the borough.   

From the mid 19th century to the early 20th century it was fashionable for large estate owners to collect and disply exotic, unusual or rare native plant species on their grounds.  

Owners of Maraquand park were horticulturalists and collectors.  

Names of trees that I took pictures of were a few types of Magnolia-Lenne Magnolia, and Oyama Magnolia, ,a very tall  Shellbark Hickory, an American Beech,  a White Oak.  

Throughout the park, there are both gravel and paved paths and wooden benches interspersed  along the way to rest and admire the beauty of nature. 

“Each generation takes the earth as trustees”.   

                                                                 By J. Sterling Morton 

Arbor Day history: 

J. Sterling Morton came with his wife from Detroit to Nebraska Territory in  in 1854.  They both shared a love of nature and began planting trees and shrubs at their home.  He spread agricultural information and and his enthusuam for trees working as a journalist for Nebraska’s finest newspaper.  Trees were needed for windbreaks to keep the soil in place, for fuel, building materials and shad from the hot sun.   

The first tree planting day was April 10, 1872 in Nebraska.   

 It is estimated that more than one million trees were planted in Nebraska on that day.    

 Prizes were awarded to counties and individuals that properly planted the largest number of trees that day.   

In 1885, Arbor day was named a legal holiday in Nebraska.  

A number of State Arbor days are at other times to coincide with better tree planting weather. 

Skywatch Friday

Gazing up at Philadelphia Zoo's grand entrance

Today’s skyward photos are from our recent day-trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, the oldest zoo in the nation.  


"The Solitude" 1784, John Penn, Jr's riverside villa

The Solitude: 

"The Solitude" Neoclassical style country house, a near perfect cube

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