Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday: at the Philadelphia Zoo
These are photos with a watery theme, however when we arrived at the Polar Bear exhibit we didn’t see him at first.   Looking through the glass window, when we turned our heads to the left , there the Polar bear was ……..sleeping Polar Bear dreams.

The polar bear dreams, he's not in his pool.

Polar bear’s pool, he’s sleeping on the side (not in pic)
Tiger gets a drink in his pool
Big Cats are my favorite!

River otters swim

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for more Photos with the subject of water from around the USA and world.

Philadelphia Zoo in threes

Three Lounging Lions, Philadelphia zoo


Two Caribbean Pink Flamingos and bird.
Two Caribbean Pink Flamingos and friend.

Three Zebras ready to run at Philadelphia Zoo





Tiger's time for a drink, he only get's his feet wet.



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